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While the sales center for The Infinity opened last week, no units have been offered for sale. In fact, the first release of units isn’t scheduled to occur for another couple of weeks. That being said, the sales center is accepting pre-qualification letters from one of The Infinity’s preferred lenders, and “the order in which the sales center receives the pre-qualification letters is the order in which prospective purchasers will be offered units in the release.” So jump to it if you’re interested.
Other key details, rough pricing, and a couple of sneak peeks:

∙ The first release will consist of 365 “residences” in three buildings: one tower (301 Main) and two mid-rise buildings (333 Main and 318 Spear). First occupancy projected for early 2008 (little mention of the second tower).
∙ Rough pricing: studios (539-690 sq.ft.) from the $500,000’s; one-bedrooms (714-931 sq.ft.) from the $600,000’s; two-bedrooms (800-1,726 sq.ft.) from the $800,00’s; three-bedrooms (1,293-1,755) from the $1,800,000’s; luxury homes and penthouses (3,364 sq.ft.) over $2,000,000.
∙ One deeded parking space per residence and average monthly HOA’s of $700 per month.
∙ Purchasers will be required to make a 5% good faith deposit (held in escrow). (“Investment opportunities [versus owner occupied] are limited.”)
∙ “The Infinity welcomes Real Estate Broker/Agent participation and will pay a commission to qualifying licensed Real Estate Brokers/Agents.”
∙ Model residence sneak peeks:
The Infinity Model Kitchen (
The Infinity Model Living.jpg
Floor plans, design porn, services, amenities, and simulated views are available online. And perhaps most importantly, the air conditioning in the sales center is supposed to be turned on today
The Infinity [Official Site]

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  1. The photo’s used as the view in the “model” are not taken from the actual site of the Infinity – this appears to be directly above the Embarcadero – one block away. The photos are rumoured to be taken from the 9th floor of the Gap building – which stands between the Infinity and the Embarcadero blocking views for about the first 20 floors.

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