One Rincon Hill view (from a kiosk)
On the heels of one tipster noting that the “view” from the model unit in The Infinity Sales Center might actually be from the 9th floor of the Gap, another tipster notes that while the simulated views on the One Rincon Hill touchscreen kiosks are a nice touch, they seem to be missing something fairly significant. Such as the second One Rincon Hill tower that will most definitely obscure the views to the East of the first tower (as “simulated” above)…
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One thought on “Where’s The Simulated Tower?”
  1. I asked someone at the sales center about that and they claim that the other building won’t be directly in that view. Not sure how that’s possible… Notice that the model shows the NE view but that particular floor plan is only on the other side of the building facing Twin Peaks?

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