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The Arterra, a 268-unit ‘Green’ condo development, has broken ground at 300 Berry Street. Developed by Intracorp San Francisco (also developing The Hayes) and architected by Kwan Henmi, the Arterra is marketed as “clean design, pure living,” and billed as a “pioneering green building of sophisticated design.”

The three-level complex will be the first San Francisco building clad in Trespa, smooth and colorful panels produced with recycled materials. It will have natural coastal grass-covered roofs on parts of the fourth, sixth, and tenth floors, a high thermal insulation glazing system with operable windows and a water-efficient landscape design. Interiors will be built with rapid renewal materials, like bamboo and cork, and energy-efficient appliances.

And if good design and environmental consciousness aren’t strong enough selling points for you, there’s always the pure sex appeal (sultry female pic, sultry male pic). You had us at hello green.

Update: The Arterra website has been updated. Gone are the sultry pictures. In their place, actual details.

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  1. Did you know SF could put housing over the Caltrain Depot, thus blocking all those million dollars views? Well, that’s in the works! Go to San Francisco Planning Urban Research Association’s website ( and seeach for the article on A New Transit First Neighborhood. It explains the plan!

  2. SPUR has some influence over zoning and policy, but they are hardly have the final say in these things. The planning commission rejected this idea of SPUR’s, though they may decide to revisit it at a later time.

  3. While the building may be “green”; the surrounding area is decidedly not! Check out what the plans are for Caltrain. They have 8 diesel engines that idle there in all night long spewing their toxic fumes into the air. In fact this area has been documented as having the worst air in SF. Add to that the water treatment facility up the road on Berry St, and the smells are a toxic stew of sewage. And if that is not all, the noise from the 280 that runs along the side of the building presents exhaust emissions 24/7 that waft into the building and of course the noise and constant din of traffic. So if this is what is called a “green building”; then we need another definition of green.
    And check out the room sizes too; and the closets and cabinets…they bring the definition of small to a new level.

  4. Haha, more worthless conjecture from another astronomer who has never been here. After I saw “They have 8 diesel engines that idle there in all night long” I just stopped reading.

  5. I live across the street from the Arterra…take a walk over there in the late evening before you post your comment. You’ll see and hear and smell the diesel engines. And one other lovely feature…the winds that whip down Berry in the early evening…you’ll think that you’re in the midst of a tsunami. So rather than post an ill thought out comment and challenge my comment…take a stroll over there and delight in the noise, dirt, stench…and oh yes…the little park on 5th and Berry that is affectionately known as Poop Terrace.

  6. More on the Caltrain yards across from the Arterra and a petition to address this problem. This is from an HOA meeting across from the Arterra in a new condo on Berry. This was also presented at an HOA meeting at 325 Berry St. So don’t be deluded…this is serious stuff!
    The residents of our building (255 Berry Street), are very concerned about the constant idling of Caltrain trains between c. 11:00PM and 4:00AM in the morning, as well as other times during the day. Idling diesel engines are notorious in terms of their noxious emissions, as well as the excessive noise the idling produces. Below, in our petition, I have provided a few quotes. Also, the BAAMQD, recognizing the toxic problems, has placed the 4th and King in their CARE program, along with 5 other Bay Area air quality hotspots. So, the situation is not good.

  7. Ive lived on berry since it opened and the trains do not idle all night every night. The winds are a GOOD THING! All of the polution gets carried over to the east bay.

  8. The earliest SPUR development proposal for Caltrain is many years from initiation of any
    possible construction.The are NO projects presently in the design proposal stage,much less
    approved.Those million dollar views will be around for many years.And w/this economy perhaps

  9. does anyone have updated info on Arterra as of March 2009 re:price reductions and important or new issues?

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