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The placeholder “sex sells” website for Arterra has been replaced by a new site that offers more details (and fewer glamour shots). All the requisite content: floor plans, features, amenities, and attributes; with virtual tours, news and updates coming soon.
One of the many new nuggets: Arterra will consist of “[t]hree sculpturally designed buildings” named “Sky” (16-level tower with city and water views), “City” (9-level building with city views and an observation deck), and “Park” (6-level building with two-story homes featuring park views).
According to the website, “[i]f you’re working with a real estate agent, your agent must accompany you on your first visit to the Arterra sales center [628 Howard Street] and register you in person in order for them to qualify for their commission.” And as Curbed notes, interested buyers must be pre-qualified by Wells Fargo.
The Arterra: “Clean Design, Pure Living” At 300 Berry Street [SocketSite]
Arterra [300 Berry]
Selling Clean [Curbed SF]
Arterra: Pre-qualification Form []

2 thoughts on “Arterra: Less Sex, More Green”
  1. The elephant in the closet here is CalTrain. Adjacent to Arterra — and many other Mission Bay developments — are the CalTrain tracks. Those massive diesel engines are frightfully loud, and they often idle for considerable time at the CalTrain terminal (4th and Berry), spewing diesel exhaust into the neighborhood. CalTrains run from 6am to midnight, so you’ll be lucky to get six hours of quiet if you live there. I live almost a mile away on Potrero Hill and I can hear CalTrain’s horns blowing plenty loud.

  2. I might be moving to one of those new condos. As I understand it. The 4th and King. CalTrain station will be moving underground and connect to the transbay building on Rincon Hill. (as a part of the entire transbay terminal development plan). When it happens the area should be fairly cool. Plus they might put more shopping complex directly above the station. Well, but I guess the resident will have to wait at least 3-5 years or so.
    Some of these new condo development (such as 255 Berry) have pretty amazing sound proofing. It seems like a sound studio in those condos.

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