Something To Consider

According to CNN/Money and the Census Bureau, San Francisco ranks as the third richest American city while New Orleans ranks as the ninth poorest (“America’s richest and poorest places“). If any community can afford to help New Orleans, it’s us. So as we previously wrote, please consider donating to... Read More »

New Orleans Needs Our Help

Despite all the horrific images, video, and media coverage coming out of New Orleans, we really don’t think most people (ourselves included) can actually comprehend just how much damage, destruction, and devastation has occurred. Or that it’s actually getting worse by the minute. As such, we are currently spending... Read More »

Yahoo! Coming To The City (Google To Follow)

Looks like Yahoo! has signed a letter of intent for a 200,000 square feet of office space at 475 Sansome Street (and insiders say that Google is looking for 200,000 square feet of San Francisco space as well). According to Commercial Property News, “the lease drops the vacancy... Read More »

First Game Pulte (But Many Sets To Go)

Looks like Pulte has placed the San Francisco Tennis Club (Fifth and Townsend) under contract with their sights sight on bulldozing the courts and building anew (400 condo’s that is). We can hear rackets being smashed (and Bay Club snickers) all the way over here. Also mentioned in the... Read More »

Rose Sellers Still Selling

Rose Sellers Still Selling

East versus West; Japanese versus Italians; out of state developers (they’re from Virginia). Anyone else thinking a modern day re-write of The Grapes of Wrath? Maybe it’s just us. Regardless, details are starting to surface with regard to the San Francisco Flower Mart sale we reported last week. And... Read More »

Los Angles Snickers, San Francisco Shudders

Unfortunately we’re not that only ones that keep an eye on The Housing Bubble 2. Nor is it likely that we were the only ones that noticed their reference to a recent LA Times article: Read More »

Salvation Through Salvage

Salvation Through Salvage

(Image from Rejuvenation Online) Carol Lloyd jumps on the salvage bandwagon with insight on six Bay Area sources for salvaged building supplies (supplementing our previous list of two). She also sheds light on a new source of bargain building materials: “pre-demolition sales”. The six local sources: Read More »

Carpe Diem (And The Ice)

Damn, while we really don’t want to give any more publicity to the great “Fillmore Fiasco” (a.k.a. Icer Air 2005), we do want to give props to Mike and the PotreroHillSF gang for seizing the day (and spotlight). · Icer Air: An Open Letter to the Mayor Read More »

Sunday Surprise

Keep both hands firmly on that latte. You’re going to be crossing a picket line if you attend the open house of the TIC at 838 Potrero this Sunday (8/28). The San Francisco Tenants Union is organizing the protest in response to an Ellis Act eviction in the building.... Read More »

Bayview Development

Bayview Development

The Third Street Light Rail is breathing new life into the Bayview. Armstrong Place, consisting of 256 for-sale and rental units, was recently approved for construction at 5600 Third Street. And next week, Levin Menzies & Associates will seek Planning Commission approval for a major condo project at 3800... Read More »