“Donald Trump almost lost his shirt 15 years ago when the North American real estate bubble burst. The 2007 version of that disaster will be much more benign, the real estate magnate predicts, although there is softness in some urban markets, such as Toronto and San Francisco.”
Trump touts soft markets in cities like Toronto [globeandmail.com]

6 thoughts on “JustQuotes: The Donald Speaks (Will You Listen?)”
  1. Did i just see a Trump Tower Toronto advertisement on this site? Oh the irony. It’s too obvious SocketSite is negative about the housing market, it’s ashame. There are so many houses going for well above asking, and the market is so hot right now, it’s unbelievable.
    Have you guys been open house hunting AT ALL, instead of just focusing on SOMA? lol

  2. You have got to be kidding. Then again if by “negative” you mean that it simply doesn’t read like another glitzy sales brochure, or that it’s actually analytical, or that they avoid the tired clichés like “they’re not building any more land” and “it’s always a great time to buy” (and somehow according to NAR, sell as well), then yes, I suppose they are. And it’s about time.

  3. I think SocketSite is neither negative nor positive but simply objective (and always current). If sales and prices are going up, SocketSite will report it. If sales are down, prices are being reduced, and condos are turning into apartments, then expect to see that as well.

  4. If you want positive stuff, check out the NAR’s reports and glitzy sales brochures. If you want doom and gloom, turn to The Chronicle and Socketsite.
    The overly positive/overly negative spins from these sources are obvious, and it’s pointless to deny. And there’s nothing wrong with being overly negative or overly positive.

  5. I’ll second Anna on this one…you’ve got to be kidding. For the most past I see statements of fact/numbers, the scoop on new developments and some damn good real estate “porn”. If you don’t like the facts, so be it, but it’s a far far cry from doom and gloom.

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