Slicing Up San Francisco

Slicing Up San Francisco

Billed as “Rental Property Statistics for the San Francisco Bay Area,” RentSlicer is the latest Craigslist/GoogleMaps mash-up to enter the market. They’re still working out the kinks (no Hayes Valley last time we checked) and seeding the data for monthly pricing graphs (nonexistent at this point), but otherwise a... Read More »

Bubble History Repeating?

We have often looked at real estate bubbles in other countries for insight into our local market, so we’re a big fan of the New York Times feature on Japan’s real estate woes. Japan suffered one of the biggest property market collapses in modern history. At the market’s peak... Read More »

Not Exactly A “Soft Landing”

Billing itself as “by far the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet” (whatever), the Realty Times analyzes Robert Campbell’s November edition of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Newsletter: In his November, 2005 edition, Campbell writes, “Creative financing can be very dangerous when the price of the asset... Read More »

San Francisco Sales Continue To Fall

In case you missed it, home sales in the San Francisco Bay Area fell 6% this past November (-14% compared to the year prior), while the Median Sales price was relatively unchanged at $723k (+.5%). ∙ Median price of a home in California at $548,400 in November Read More »

Hardly A Bunch Of Hacks

Thanks to The Housing Bubble 2 for alerting us to the following: Q: PIMCO is following the U.S. housing market very closely, forming a research team and sending people around the country to observe regional markets for signs of a slowdown. What did the team have to say at... Read More »

Can You Say Speculative Bubble Froth?

“At the same time rental rates were dropping, we had housing prices totally skyrocketing”. Credit Andrew Zacks, a “San Francisco lawyer who handles Ellis Act evictions and other land use cases” with that comment. A comment that points to a market driven by speculative froth rather than sound investing... Read More »

Sales Of New Homes Tumble

US new home sales fell 11% in November, the biggest drop since 1995, and at 1.25m homes sold, the lowest pace since January. It is important to note that new home sales are considered to be even more of a leading indicator of market health than existing home sales... Read More »

2006 California Housing Forecasts

Economic forecasts for 2006 are hitting the wire. With respect to 2006 housing prices, Wells Fargo is forecasting a 5.7% increase for Northern California, while FORTUNE is forecasting an anemic .1% growth for San Francisco in 2006 (-2.9% in 2007). From FORTUNE: Nationally, the overall outlook seems reasonable: 7... Read More »

Those Damn Neighbors

Those Damn Neighbors

The listing price for the two bedroom house at 2401 Vallejo has been reduced $230,000 (to $1.99m). The property had been sitting on the market at $2.25m when their next-door neighbors put their more modern house on the market for $1.95m. Those damn comps (and neighbors). ∙ Listing: 2401... Read More »