Octavia Boulevard Rebirth

Octavia Boulevard Rebirth

Rumor has it that this Friday will mark the grand re-opening of Octavia Boulevard in Hayes Valley. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to check out the pagoda. Update: Friday it is, with an 11am ribbon-cutting ceremony at Octavia and Market (freeway on-ramp will be open to motorists... Read More »

Ellis Act Blunder

The San Francisco Superior Court recently tossed the Ellis Act eviction notices for all the tenants of 1357 Folsom Street based on a notification technicality. Andrew M. Zacks, which handles the vast majority of Ellis Act evictions for landlords in San Francisco, failed to provide a crucial piece of... Read More »

We’re Down With Lao

Lao Tzu, a sixth century B.C. philosopher, is quoted as having said, “Those who have knowledge, don’t predict. Those who predict, don’t have knowledge.” Or said much less eloquently, and applied to the real estate market: The problem is that no one can predict the precise peaks and valleys... Read More »

Ice Charades

Looks like Potrero has some “steep” competition as a group of Pacific Heights residents are gathering support to keep the ice on Fillmore. · Save The Jump – ICER Air 2005 Read More »

A Somber Reminder

In 2001, and prior to 9/11, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identified the top three “likeliest, most catastrophic disasters facing this country”: 1. A terrorist attack on New York City 2. A hurricane hitting New Orleans, and 3. An earthquake in San Francisco It’s time to be prepared... Read More »

Thank God There Were No Online Polls In 1906

Thank God There Were No Online Polls In 1906

Yesterday’s SFGate online poll posed the question, “Should New Orleans be rebuilt at the same location?” When we last checked, 2,076 people had voiced their opinion. The results? 49% responded, “Yes, with a better levee system, there’s no reason not to” while 51% responded, “No it’s a colossal waste... Read More »

SocketSite Update

We’re spending our time working on Katrina relief efforts and will resume with our normal coverage this Tuesday the 6th. Thanks for understanding, and in the meantime, please read our previous two posts. · Something To Consider · New Orleans Needs Our Help Read More »

Something To Consider

According to CNN/Money and the Census Bureau, San Francisco ranks as the third richest American city while New Orleans ranks as the ninth poorest (“America’s richest and poorest places“). If any community can afford to help New Orleans, it’s us. So as we previously wrote, please consider donating to... Read More »

New Orleans Needs Our Help

Despite all the horrific images, video, and media coverage coming out of New Orleans, we really don’t think most people (ourselves included) can actually comprehend just how much damage, destruction, and devastation has occurred. Or that it’s actually getting worse by the minute. As such, we are currently spending... Read More »