898 Francisco Exterior

From the gothic dining room, to the 80’s bathroom, to the modern kitchen, the interior of 898 Francisco manages to span quite a few eras. And while Victorian doesn’t seem to be one of them, it still feels like a quintessential San Francisco property. Then again, perhaps that’s just the cable car (or bay views) talking.

UPDATE: According to a “plugged-in” reader, that the property was purchased by Nicolas Cage seven months ago when it was listed for $9,400,000. Keep in mind that while the house is currently listed for $7,900,000 the adjoining parcel (and gateway to a number of those views) is being offered for an additional $1,500,000.

∙ Listing: 898 Francisco (6/6.5) – $7,900,000 [McGuire]

2 thoughts on “The Many Eras Of 898 Francisco (And A Rumored Celebrity Flip/Folly)”
  1. If SFLuxe is to be believed that means Nicolas Cage bought it 7 months ago when it was listed at $9.4M and it’s already back on the market for $7.9M? Can anybody confirm and does anybody know what Nicolas actually paid?
    [Editor’s Note: We can’t confirm the owner (or what was paid for the property) but we should point out that the “Adjacent lot 40 x 60 ft. is also available for 1.5M if purchased with home.” In other words, $9,400,000 for house and the views…]

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