Broker’s Index Says…Buyers Market In Marin

Broker’s Index Says…Buyers Market In Marin

Real estate broker Nate Sumner developed The MARKET HEAT Index™ to track “the intensity of buyer competition for listed residential properties.” The Index is derived by “adding the number of closed residential sales in the prior 30 days to the number of current pending residential sales and then dividing... Read More »

Is Silicon Valley Once Again Leading The Way?

From the Realty Times: However, a growing number of buyers who purchased homes at peak price periods in 2005 may now be living in homes worth tens of thousands of dollars less than their mortgage. That’s more likely if they used heavy leverage financing tools like no-money down and... Read More »

Charles Schwab Says…

Charles Schwab Says…

…especially when you’ve been tapping into a home equity line of credit to finance your lifestyle (i.e. a plasma, BMW, and dinner at Michael Mina), and you purchased the house with an interest only mortgage, and the market has leveled off (i.e. you haven’t actually built up any equity)… Read More »

On Tour as Repeat

Buyers rejoice. Home inventories are once again on the rise as sellers and agents re-list properties that failed to sell last year and which had been withdrawn from the market during the slow holiday season. Expect a trickle (flood?) of properties marked “On Tour as Repeat” (i.e. re-list, failed... Read More »

Soros Speaks

Last November we called the top of the San Francisco housing market. Two months later George Soros calls the top of the US housing bubble. “Soros said he believed the U.S. housing bubble, a major factor behind strong U.S. consumption, had reached its peak and was in the process... Read More »

Fleeing California?  You’re Not Alone

Fleeing California? You’re Not Alone

United Van Lines has tracked state-by-state migration patterns since 1977. From its most recent report: For 2005, the accounting is based on the 226,353 interstate household moves handled by United among the 48 contiguous states, as well as Washington, D.C. In its study, United classifies each state in one... Read More »

Ignorance Is Bliss (Until You lose Your House)

It looks like the two Davids are starting to plead ignorance with regard to the impact that investors (i.e. speculators and flippers) will have on the housing market. First David Seiders, Chief Economist for the National Association of Home Builders: “I think the biggest risk would be for investors... Read More »

Slicing Up San Francisco

Slicing Up San Francisco

Billed as “Rental Property Statistics for the San Francisco Bay Area,” RentSlicer is the latest Craigslist/GoogleMaps mash-up to enter the market. They’re still working out the kinks (no Hayes Valley last time we checked) and seeding the data for monthly pricing graphs (nonexistent at this point), but otherwise a... Read More »

Bubble History Repeating?

We have often looked at real estate bubbles in other countries for insight into our local market, so we’re a big fan of the New York Times feature on Japan’s real estate woes. Japan suffered one of the biggest property market collapses in modern history. At the market’s peak... Read More »

Not Exactly A “Soft Landing”

Billing itself as “by far the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet” (whatever), the Realty Times analyzes Robert Campbell’s November edition of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Newsletter: In his November, 2005 edition, Campbell writes, “Creative financing can be very dangerous when the price of the asset... Read More »