250 Valencia: Renderings
No, it’s not in the process of being turned into condos (not that we’d necessarily object), but rather it’s soon to be the new campus of the San Francisco Friends School.
Purchased by the Friends School in 2005, the former Levi Strauss factory at 250 Valencia was opened in 1906 (to replace factories lost in the quake), “averted layoffs and kept employees working to install a new wooden floor” during The Depression, and finally closed its Levis Strauss related doors in 2002.
And as Curbed correctly notes, it’s Pfau Architecture that has been leading the “sustainable” re-design of the 84,000 square foot building and 10,000 square foot open space out front.
San Francisco Friends School [sffriendsschool.org]
New Friends on Valencia Street [SFCurbed]
Pfau Architecture [pfauarchitecture.com]

2 thoughts on “The New Designs For The Old Levis Strauss Factory At 250 Valencia”
  1. Love the Quaker in all the renderings, are the teachers really that old school? I had no idea the building was that big.

  2. I think the old school Quaker might be a joke. I attended a Friends school on the East coast, and no one dressed in gray and black. At that school, a very small percentage of the faculty or students were Quaker (around 5%).

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