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Group Housing ‘Loopholes’ Could Soon Be Closed

Many of the recently proposed Group Housing developments in San Francisco, with shared kitchens and living areas, have been positioned as creative solutions to maximize density and minimize rents in response to the City’s current housing crisis. But with the addition of “kitchenettes,” which aren’t technically kitchens, a number... Read More »

Airbnb Showdown At City Hall

Airbnb Showdown At City Hall

The showdown between two competing pieces of legislation to further regulate ‘airbnb-ing’ in San Francisco is about to commence at City Hall. Without additional transparency and reporting from the hosting platforms which enable the practice, such as Airbnb, San Francisco will be hard-pressed to ever effectively enforce its short-term... Read More »

Mission District Housing Moratorium Rejected By Supervisors

The proposed legislative moratorium on market-rate housing development in San Francisco’s Mission District failed to be adopted by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors last night, with seven of the eleven Supervisors voting in favor but nine votes needed to pass the emergency ordinance. Supervisors Christensen, Farrell, Tang and Wiener... Read More »

Stage Is Set For Market-Rate Housing Moratorium Vote

A net total of 627 housing units were built within the borders of San Francisco’s Mission District from 2010 through the end of 2014. Of those 627 units, roughly 10 percent (60) were designated as Below Market Rate (BMR) units which are to remain affordable to households earning up... Read More »

Ballot Measure Would Notify Neighbors Of Airbnb Activity

The proposed ballot measure which would limit the short-term rental of any residential unit in San Francisco to a maximum of 75 days a year would also prohibit any in-law unit from ever being offered as a short-term rental and would require the City to notify neighbors of all... Read More »

Legislation To Close Eviction ‘Loophole’ Drafted

The merger or absorption of a non-permitted apartment back into the square footage of an existing house, a tactic which has been employed to re-establish properties as single-family homes in order to circumvent rent control and effectively evict tenants by raising their rents to market rates (or more) in... Read More »

Housing Moratorium Showdown Slated For June 2

If San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approve the motion this afternoon, the public hearing for the proposed legislative moratorium on any new residential construction, or the elimination/conversion of any existing Production, Distribution and Repair spaces, in the Mission, unless it’s specifically for the development of an affordable housing project,... Read More »

Two Competing ‘Airbnb’ Amendments And Their Impact Report

Two Competing ‘Airbnb’ Amendments And Their Impact Report

The analysis is thin, but the summary table of major differences between the two competing pieces of legislation to amend San Francisco’s new short-term rental law, as prepared by the City’s Office of Economic Analysis to examine the economic impact of each, provides a decent overview. The report’s ‘conclusions’... Read More »

Ballot Measure To Restrict Airbnb Activity In San Francisco Filed

With the battle over how to regulate short-term rentals and Airbnb activity in San Francisco heating up, the text for the threatened ballot measure to amend the law which legalized the practice in San Francisco has been filed with the City’s Department of Elections. The preamble for the measure:... Read More »

Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

Analyst’s Airbnb Findings And Recommendations For San Francisco

According to a new Legislative Analyst’s report, an estimated 25 to 50 percent of all Airbnb listings in San Francisco are for “commercially hosted” units, units which are continuously rented on a short-term basis and never occupied by their owners, “removing housing units that would otherwise be available for... Read More »