The proposed measure sponsored by Supervisors Kim, Avalos, Campos and Mar to prioritize the use of surplus and underutilized city-owned land in San Francisco for the development of “100% permanently affordable housing, including ground floor retail and community facilities and open space” has been withdrawn from the November ballot, but a replacement measure sponsored by Supervisors Kim, Avalos, Cohen and Wiener will be submitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections next week.

If adopted, the Surplus Lands measure would expanded the criteria for priority affordable developments under the City’s current Surplus City Property Ordinance to include housing for low and moderate income individuals in addition to housing and services for the homeless.

San Francisco’s existing Surplus Property Ordinance, which was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in November of 2002, has resulted in two developments so far and a Civil Grand Jury has been calling on the City to put its surplus and underutilized real estate to better use since 2013.

9 thoughts on “UPDATE: Surplus Land Ballot Measure Withdrawn But Returning”
    1. Is it? The City ought to use it’s surplus land rather than continue to let it be a blight on the communities that host it. There are two rather large plots at the entrance of Bernal Heights by the Alemany Farmer’s Market that are full of weeds and covered with trash.

      1. Agreed, though I’m not sure why nothing is getting built especially when we already have increased cash in the affordable housing fund. Does this measure provide some incentive to actually build housing asap?

  1. UPDATE: While the proposed ballot measure originally sponsored by Supervisors Kim, Avalos, Campos and Mar has technically been withdrawn, the measure will be resubmitted to San Francisco’s Department of Elections but with Supervisors Cohen and Wiener replacing Campos and Mar as sponsors.

  2. Let’s make this happen, the city should be building on all empty and underutilized city owned property!

  3. no no you still have your facts totally messed up.

    the “4 supes” measure has indeed been withdrawn. instead the alternative measure agreed to yesterday by all parties including the mayor will be submitted by resolution of the full board of supervisors after final action next tuesday.

    get it together.

  4. By whatever means, I hope the city does use its surplus land to build more housing, affordable or otherwise. They have land, we need housing. Kind of a no-brainer.

  5. The largest surplus land available for use in Supervisor Kim’s district is Yerba Buena Island, 70+acres, and the Treasure Island Marina and surrounding areas, 130+ acres. This became City of San Franciso property on May 29, 2015, yet the City did not pursue its obligation to the Surplus Lands Act process. Instead, the City has opted to honor a contract that was signed by a dissolved state redevelopment agency to gift this prime property to Lennar and Wilson Meany Sullivan. Lennar and Wilson Meany Sullivan will build 285 luxury condos, with a projected yield of $1B.

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