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Plans and Funding for a New Dogpatch Hub, with a Catch (or Two)

Plans and Funding for a New Dogpatch Hub, with a Catch (or Two)

A detailed proposal and plans to transform the deteriorating and fire-bombed former Police Station at 2300 Third Street into a new Dogpatch Hub and community center have been drafted. And UCSF is in line to provide a $4.2 million “gift” to get the projected 36-month project started. Deemed a... Read More »

Sierra Club To Oppose Mission Rock, Feinstein Pro Limiting Airbnb

The Sierra Club will pen the official argument opposing the ballot measure which would allow the Giants’ massive Mission Rock development to move forward, while Senator Dianne Feinstein will pen the argument in favor of the measure to further restrict short-term residential rentals in San Francisco, the so-called Airbnb... Read More »

All The Way From A to K: San Francisco’s Ballot Measure Rundown

Eleven local measures are set to appear on this November’s ballot in San Francisco, measures which have just been lettered from A (the $310 million Affordable Housing Bond) to K (the revised Surplus Property Ordinance). The full rundown and summaries from the Department of Elections or past SocketSite coverage:... Read More »

UPDATE: Surplus Land Ballot Measure Withdrawn But Returning

The proposed measure sponsored by Supervisors Kim, Avalos, Campos and Mar to prioritize the use of surplus and underutilized city-owned land in San Francisco for the development of “100% permanently affordable housing, including ground floor retail and community facilities and open space” has been withdrawn from the November ballot, but... Read More »