As we outlined back in the April, the four-bedroom view home at 60 Clarendon Avenue, which steps down the slope of Clarendon Heights to yield 3,650 square feet of conditioned space, not including the square footage of its five decks, returned to the MLS at the end of last year with a $5.15 million price tag, a list price which equaled the $5.15 million that was paid for the property in July of 2021.

Reduced to $4.95 million in January and then to $4.75 million in February, all the while touting “SELLER SAYS BRING ALL OFFERS!,” the list price for 60 Clarendon Avenue was further reduced to $4.39 million in April, a sale at which would have been “at asking” but would have represented a 14.8 percent drop in value for the luxury view home in a long established San Francisco neighborhood.

Removed from the MLS in June, having failed to attract an acceptable offer, 60 Clarendon Avenue has just been relisted anew with an official “1” day on the market and a further reduced list price of $4.25 million, a sale at which would once again be considered to have been “at asking” according to all industry stats and aggregate reports.

If you think you know the market for luxury view homes in San Francisco, here’s yet another chance to tell (or make amends).

3 thoughts on “Still Seeking Offers for Lux View Home Listed at a Big(ger) Loss”
  1. It’s pretty darn close to being a short sale at this price point. I would stop making any mortgage/tax payments if i were the owner.

  2. As I mentioned last time this home was featured here, this seller’s Summer 2021 purchase was during the the mid-pandemic housing bubble, so that price could easily be dismissed as an outlier. Yet, as recently as Spring 2009 this home was listed for $3.595 million, which the CPI inflation calculator on the BLS website says had the buying power of $5.189 million in today’s money, so this home should have been a bargain at the April “further reduced” asking price of $4.39 million.

    Forecast calls for pain: $4.1 million.

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