Purchased for $5.15 million in July of 2021, the four-bedroom view home at 60 Clarendon Avenue, which steps down the slope of Clarendon Heights to yield 3,650 square feet of conditioned space, not including the square footage of its five decks, returned to the MLS at the end of last year with a $5.15 million price tag.

Reduced to $4.95 million in January and then to $4.75 million in February, all the while touting “SELLER SAYS BRING ALL OFFERS!,” the asking price for 60 Clarendon Avenue has just been further reduced to $4.39 million, a sale at which would be “at asking” but would represent a 14.8 percent drop in value for the view home in a long established San Francisco neighborhood.

If you think you know that market for luxury view homes in San Francisco, here’s another chance to tell.

7 thoughts on “Luxury View Home Drops Further Below Its 2021 Price”
  1. Verticality is a huge issue for many buyers: elderly or new families. They didn’t see it coming.

    Paying 5.15m in that neighbourhood is just silly. It doesn’t command luxury prices.

    1. The “verticality issue” would seem to be at least partially addressed by the “private elevator” mentioned in the listing.

      The only thing this seller didn’t see coming was that The Federal Reserve would puncture the mid-pandemic housing bubble by starting to raise interest rates seven months after this seller’s Summer 2021 purchase. Trying to sell a mere seventeen months after purchase? Well, let’s hope for their sake that soccermom is correct and that they have no debt on the property. When this closes, the realtors and the 2021 seller will all be laughing their way up the back nine.

  2. Why didn’t they stage this or even paint it? They’re not even trying to sell it. It looks awful.

  3. Iive near there. there are some huge new over $10MIL “mansions” down the block and maybe their hoping to tailwind off those.

    But yep verticality is huge deterrent for several of these houses, lots of balconies and views, but lots of staitrs and partial (small) floors going down the very steep slope.

    >Little curb appeal / presense.

    Guess $3.5 to $3.8. ??

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