Measuring a little over 1,100 square feet, the modern south facing, two bedroom, two bath unit #202 in the “trendy Dogpatch” development at 815 Tennessee Street was purchased for $1.398 million in May of 2018.

Featuring “high quality finishes throughout,” with “plenty of natural light, a designer kitchen, chic mini bar nook, workstation,” a walk-in closet and “spa-like bathroom” in the main suite and parking ion the building’s garage, with a shared rooftop deck overlooking the “vibrant and sought-after neighborhood,” 815 Tennessee #202 returned to the market priced at $1.375 million this past May, a list price which was just reduced to $1.198 million.

If you think you know the market for Dogpatch, for which neighborhood amenities and access have only improved over the past five years, and modern two-bedroom condos in the city, now’s the time to tell.

3 thoughts on “Trendy Dogpatch Two-Bedroom Drops Below Its 2018 Price”
  1. I don’t know the market in Dogpatch and I also don’t know why the listing agent calls this a “modern luxury condo”, except to perhaps gloss the overpricing here prior to the pandemic. Other than the incorporation of the original historic brick segment into the new building (a nice touch), there’s little here to separate this from any other generic, “5 over 1”, gentrification building thrown up in the eastern part of The City over the last fifteen years or so.

    Unit 505 in this same building sold in the first quarter of this year for a 19.3 percent decrease from its June 2018 sale price and that apartment was on a higher floor.

    This seller, for unit 202, is trying for only a 14.3 percent decrease from their May of 2018 sale price at their current, revised asking of $1.198 million. Guess they are trying to ignite a bidding war, but in this case I don’t think they’ll get it.

  2. Unit 505PH is nice! Listing says it sold for $1,505,000. Usually I never liked the concept of the main entrance taking you directly into the kitchen, but I can forgive that for this unit. Nice staging.

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