Purchased for $2.325 million in May of 2018, the already “amazing” single-family home at 4540 20th Street, a “prime Eureka Valley location” with views, a “chef’s kitchen” and a private “outdoor oasis,” was subsequently further improved, with a new internal stairway connecting the home’s top two floors, an upgraded primary bedroom suite, and a further remodeled kitchen.

Having returned to the market listed for $2.5 million last month, a sale at which would have been just 7.5 percent above its 2018 price, prior to being improved, the list price for the three-bedroom home at 4540 20th Street has now been reduced to $2.375 million, a sale at which would be 2.2 percent above its 2018 price but below its cost basis when accounting for the cost of its post-2018 remodeling.

If you think you know the market for remodeled single-family homes, now’s the time to tell.  Keep in mind that the widely misrepresented Case-Shiller index for single-family home values in “San Francisco” is up 48 percent over the same period of time!

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Panhandle Pro

    This house has weird bones, confusing flow, multiple spiral staircases, and looks generally cobbled/hacked together. I don’t see a single room that’s “wow” outside of perhaps the master bath. This is the kind of house that makes a buyer think, “why don’t we get a one acre suburban dream home in Walnut Creek instead?”

    • Posted by Notcom

      When it scores a 98.3 on the Vapidity-100 Index you know you’re not dealing with much

    • Posted by SocketSite

      All of which contributed to the home only fetching $2.325 million in May of 2018, at which point it became a comp for other sales.

  2. Posted by haighter

    That’s a “chef’s kitchen”? I’ve had nicer kitchens in rental apartments

  3. Posted by CalCulver

    I could see myself living there. But I’d have to get a different car. Looks like autos would drag bottom parking in the garage.

    • Posted by unlivablecity

      Plus, that garage door 🙁

  4. Posted by Fred Mack

    The market for over priced flippers is cooked.

    • Posted by sparky-b

      Yeah the market for the take 4 years to do a few personal taste “upgrades” to the finished house “flipper” market is totally cooked. This “flipper” seems conspicuously like a home owner.

      • Posted by TBK

        If you look at the selling history, it’s the current home owner who bought from an overpriced flipper, who paid in the $1.5M range in 2018 … and it traded hands a few months later in 2018. Now the owner’s realizing just how much it’s going to cost them while the flipper pocketed a tidy sum.

        • Posted by sparky-b

          …and moved to Texas or Florida!

  5. Posted by Neighborhood Activist

    I don’t really like to be bitchy, but I can’t even put into words how much I hate this house. Bad layout, weird architectural choices (kitchen split in two? Spiral staircase? Fireplace in the back yard, seriously? Why?!)

    I lived in a home with a spiral staircase once. Trust me, spiral staircases are fine if you rarely need to use them, but I will never again live in a place with a spiral staircase that must be used frequently. Absolutely doesn’t work to connect the living level with bedroom level.

    The kitchen looks split it two… and why waste all that potential storage space by not taking the cabinets all the way up? Looks stupid.

    That backyard gas fireplace is great for folks who don’t believe in human-caused climate change. As if indirectly heating the atmosphere wasn’t enough, let’s do it directly! Anyway, what’s the point of it?

    I wouldn’t buy this house. But if I had to, I wouldn’t pay more than $1.5 million for it. It’ll probably go for more, but it shouldn’t.

    I wish I never again had to see that ugly, overused outer-space ceiling lamp with all of the appendages, but it seems to get used in every bad flipper home.

  6. Posted by TBK

    Love that Home Depot / Lowes feel. Very warm and welcoming.

    • Posted by kbbl

      I feel torn … between sadness and anger

  7. Posted by Anon

    Is the spiral staircase in the living room the primary staircase? How come this house doesn’t have a regular staircase? Was it a 2 unit originally? And is that a dog/pet door on the wall in the kitchen leading to the balcony?

    • Posted by BobN

      I think you’re right. The second to last pic shows the other side from outdoors, I think.

      [Editor’s Note: That’s correct.]

  8. Posted by DCR

    It’s like that English Beat song “Column in the Kitchen” or something like that.

    • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

      Pretty sure the song you’re referencing was by UB40.

  9. Posted by Call_Me_Ishmael

    Naah, DCR was most likely referencing “Mirror in the Bathroom” by the English Beat.

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