Having ticked down a little over 2 percent in February, the weighted average asking rent for an apartment in Oakland was effectively unchanged in March, holding at just under $2,450 a month, with a slight uptick in the average asking rent for two-bedrooms ($2,800) offset by declines for larger and smaller units.

As such, the average asking rent in Oakland is now 5.4 percent higher than it was at the same time last year but 8 percent lower than prior to the pandemic and 18 percent below its 2016-era peak, with listing activity having dropped 30 percent over the past year but still over 60 percent higher than prior to the pandemic (at which point the average asking rent in Oakland was $220 lower than today).

2 thoughts on “Asking Rents in Oakland Effectively Held in March”
  1. That’s nice; but in the spirit of News you Can Use, maybe an update on these projects:

    Proposed Uptown Oakland Hotel and Apartments Closer to Reality (at 2401 Broadway)
    Proposed 18-Story Oakland Hotel Closer to Reality (at 1431 Jefferson Street)

    The update being: they’ve made the jump from “closer” to full-on “here”.

    And while the Town‘s ~400 add’l rooms aren’t an apparent threat to the City‘s 80x that number, in the two words of that former Oakland A’s pitcher, Joaquín Andújar: “You never know”

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