Joining the growing list of San Francisco properties that were quietly delisted from the MLS last year, without a reported sale, and are now returning to the market, as expected, the landmark Feusier Octagon House at 1067 Green Street, which is one of the oldest houses on Russian Hill, has just been relisted new.

Priced at $8.6 million last May and then reduced to $7.8 million in November, the list price for the four-bedroom, 5,267-square-foot Octagon Home, which is currently configured as two units and sits on a lush 9,075-square-foot lot, with a detached two-car carriage house/garage accessed by way of Leavenworth Street, is now down to $6.5 million, a sale at which would be considered to be “at asking.”

Once again, the octagonal floor plan of the Feusier house was a fad in the mid-19th century, influenced by Orson Squire Fowler, a New York phrenologist, who tied one’s well-being to the shape and construction of one’s home and prescribed the plan “so that every room could receive sunlight at some time of the day.” And 1067 Green is one of two surviving octagon houses in San Francisco.

7 thoughts on “Landmark Octagon House Just Relisted for Over a Million Less”
  1. That’s an extremely tempting price if you think about it being lass than $1000 a sq foot including the yard. I guess being wrapped around that towering building has its drawbacks?

    1. I agree, this does strike me as a good value considering the house, flat yard, and garage.

      It’s south-facing, and it appears the backyard would get a ton of natural light.

      Walkable to the Hyde, Polk and North Beach cluster of commercial.

  2. That kitchen is real let down. Low quality IKEA cabinets installed poorly, low quality appliances placed poorly… I guess there’s your value add opportunity.

  3. I read the Redfin write up. I think the house is split into 2 units, and it has tenant in the other unit. I’m guessing that’s why no one is interested at that price point.

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