While San Francisco’s Planning Department had received 41 letters in opposition to the proposed infill development to rise up to 46 in height upon the seemingly shoehorned Twin Peaks parcel at 4512 23rd Street, which technically fronts a little known spur of 23rd Street and Argent Alley, between Market Street and Corbett Avenue, the Department was recommending San Francisco’s Planning Commission approve the bonus-sized “HOME-SF” project, which it did.

And with the 30-day window for appealing the project’s “shovel-ready” (Class 32) exemption from having to complete a full-blown environmental review having passed without an appeal having been filed, the 13-unit project has been officially entitled and approved.

That being said, the application to secure building permits for the development, which was filed last year, appears to have been incomplete and on hold. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

3 thoughts on “Opposed Twin Peaks Infill Project Officially Approved”
  1. I usually have zero sympathy for people who complain of loss of views, but this building is designed like a deliberate snub – or through deliberate ignorance. It’s tall enough to block many views from the uphill residences, while apparently having *zero* view-facing windows on its own. Other than a light well, the only apparent windows face across the narrow (and steep) path up from the pedestrian bridge. I think this is a very sad proposal.

    1. Agree. I shared a similar feeling in the original post but holy hell this design is unnecessarily inconsiderate to the neighborhood. Bring it down to the height of the neighboring building.

  2. corruption at its best. Doesn’t matter what investigations happen, they let SIA and Anders Fung get away with murder.

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