Driven by a continued drop in new listing activity, as is typical for this time of the year, the net number of homes for sale across San Francisco ticked down another 4 percent over the past week to 910.

As such, listed inventory levels are now down nearly 40 percent versus the same time last year. But there are now 50 percent more homes on the market in San Francisco than there were in early August of 2019, prior to the pandemic-driven logjam, and over 100 percent more than there were in early August of 2015.

And as we noted last month, and shouldn’t catch any plugged-in readers by surprise, “expect inventory levels to continue to drop through the end of August before jumping again in September.”

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

4 thoughts on “Listed Inventory Is Down 40 Percent in San Francisco, But…”
  1. Where do non-industry types get MLS listings now? Previously I could get onto the public MLS site but I can’t get access to it anymore…

  2. If inventory is down 40% y-o-y it suggests to me the burp of migration is moderating or even receding.

    That said, There are many more commercial listings for sale now than in the past year I would venture. It seems like lots of the SRO’s downtown have emptied out as the workforce has had to leave town for greener pastures. I mean buildings for sale in Chinatown and the Tenderloin that I find on Loopnet.

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