Extensively remodeled in 2015, the Presidio Heights home at 145 Presidio Avenue was listed for $7.495 million in April 2019 and sold for $7.2 million that June.

While maintaining a formal dining room, living room and family room, the stately home is now outfitted with an airy chef’s kitchen with a built-in breakfast nook and direct access to the landscaped rear yard and gated driveway/garage, with four en-suite bedrooms above and a lower level entertainment room below.

And having returned to the market listed for $7.495 million last month, a sale at which would have represented total appreciation of 4.1 percent over the past two years, the resale of 145 Presidio Avenue has just closed escrow with a contract price of $8.0 million, representing total appreciation of 11.1 percent since the second quarter of 2019 for the above-average home on an apples-to-apples basis.

The index for Bay Area (“San Francisco”) single-family home values was up 14.0 percent over the same period of time.

9 thoughts on “Appreciation for a Stately Presidio Heights Home”
  1. Very nice remodel. Most Pac Heights / Presidio Heights mansions should be upgraded in this more contemporary style, rather than the ultra-modern “white box” look that drives the commenters wild.

      1. The whole place is still plenty white but I agree. It’s modern without feeling too “ultra-modern.” It looks pretty good.

        1. Exactly. White is in, white is modern, and this remodel checks that box for people. However they did it using a contemporary style. I wonder if “white contemporary” will become more popular. It’s a nice hedge.

  2. The Dining Room leaves me cold; I realize carpets/rug are generally avoided there for sanitary reasons – or at least that’s an excuse – but it makes for a very sterile environment; I picture an olive falling to the floor and promptly rolling out of the room (and I can’t say that I’d blame it !)

    1. The situation is very easily resolved by just putting down a rug. Many older homes have hardwood floors in the dining room that traditionally would be covered by a large rug—if you can afford an $8 million home, you can easily afford a nice dining room rug. For staging purposes they likely left a rug out to avoid choosing a color/pattern that might turn a potential buyer off.

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