As we revealed earlier this year, the conceptual plans for the redevelopment of the southern third of the shuttered Temporary Terminal Site, a nearly 43,000-square-foot block bounded by a future extension of Clementina Street to the north, Main Street to the east, Folsom Street to the south, and Beale Street to the west, have been drafted and the ground is expected to be broken in late 2023.

In the meantime, East Cut Landing Partners (ECLP), a partnership between the East Cut Community Benefit District, Street Soccer USA, Real Active and Nestory Park, has been awarded the rights to activate the full terminal site with a slate of temporary uses, including Street Soccer fields and fitness space, food trucks and retail stalls, an outdoor cinema, a children’s play area, and a “family-friendly beer garden,” with the potential for adding pickleball courts, a dog run, and “flex space” for community and private events, with the first round of “activations” starting next month and operating 7 days a week, with the site opening at 6:00 am for fitness uses and 7:00 am for general uses and operating until 10:00 pm on weekdays and 11:00 pm on weekends, with weekend cinema screenings (operating with headphones for patrons) extending to 12:00 am.

11 thoughts on “Activation of the Shuttered Temporary Terminal Site on Tap”
  1. Both of these buildings will be BMR? Is there a reason why they’re not going forward for a while? Is the funding in the bank or is it dependent on more development pay-ins with a number of major projects having been abandoned?

    Good idea to activate the area if it will remain undeveloped for years but nearby retailers might not be so happy with the added competition (thinking mostly restaurants) at a time when foot traffic will be just a fraction of pre-pandemic levels. To that end just announced it is subleasing it’s SOMA SF office (125K feet) as it moves towards a remote work model – that alone will remove hundreds of potential weekday restaurant customers.

    1. The block is a retail wasteland. There’s two franchise coffee shops and that’s it. Who will even complain?

    2. There is no retail in this area. What are you talking about? Also, what does ancestry have to do with this subject?

  2. 43k sf seems remarkably small for a “block” (by coincidence – or not -that’s almost precisely one acre)..does that number maybe represent only part of the site ??

      1. Thanks – the key phrase here is “future extension of Clementina Street to the north”…which cuts – or will cut – thru the site of the TTC…so yeah, it’s only a portion of the full block (which seems to be ~100k+s.f.).

  3. I’ve loved the concept for the proposed Transbay Park (“Block 3”) since I first saw it. However, given the success and proximity of the Salesforce Park atop TTC, I could live with the “activation” being done here on a permanent basis much as Stagecoach Greens (miniature golf) and SPARK Social (beer garden, food trucks and soccer fields) seem to have supplanted the formal Mission Bay Commons in that neighborhood.

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