Unofficially priced at $29.5 million when it was showcased in 2008, the 15,000-square-foot Pacific Heights mansion at 2820 Scott Street, which was a boarding house prior to being purchased by the Paige family in 2005, after which it was renovated, remodeled, and re-decorated, has been on and off the market ever since.

An “auction,” which was structured with an opening bid of $20 million, failed to generate an acceptable offer for the property in 2016. And the home was then relisted for $29.5 million in 2017.

Reduced to $27.5 million in 2019 and then to $21.0 million last year, the sale of 2820 Scott Street has now quietly closed escrow with a contract price of $17.4 million or roughly $1,160 per square foot.

And having been relisted for $21.0 million last month, the sale of the “Prestigious 2008 Decorator Showcase” home has officially closed escrow with “only 20 days on the market” according to all industry stats and aggregate reports.

11 thoughts on “Boardinghouse Turned Mansion Finally Trades”
  1. Gross. Should have stayed a boardinghouse

    Is it me or the only traction lately are these giant albatross Pac Heights monstrosities?

    1. I agree. The interior is hideous. No wonder they can’t unload the thing. They should convert it back into a boarding house.

      1. It was originally a single family home for many years. Later, it was converted to a high-end “boarding house.” Jerry Brown once lived there as a young adult. The historic entrance is still very grand, I do not care for the remodel of the rest of the home, but I understand they needed to bring it into the modern era.

    2. Ken m: No, it’s not just large area single family homes. Take a look at condos in this neighborhood.

      I’ve been reading this site so long that projects that were originally featured as proposals during and immediately after the so-called “Financial Crisis” are now on the open market as resales.

      Residence 101 on the “lobby level” of the building at 1650 Broadway was listed asking $1,995,000 on Feb 26, 2021 and is already pending. 1,553 ft.² and HOA dues of $1,134 per month.

  2. Thank goodnesss this home sold. It was so annoying to have it constantly listed, and listed, and listed again.

    1. Hah, thanks for the chuckle Eddy – Like yourself, I’ve been amazed / annoyed at the number of attempts made to sell this house over the years. Having walked through it when it was the 2008 show house, I remember being struck by how strange the proportions of it were – The gigantic 1/2 acre entry hall, and the weirdly wide hallways with sofas in them, etc. The nice historical details couldn’t overcome the sense it was truly a “White Elephant”….that it’s finally sold, at close to half its original asking price confirms it.

  3. Even at the time, 2008, many people including friends of the owner and his son, thought it was way overpriced. Some also thought it over the top, but many of the critics lived and still live in big houses but with a different perhaps more modest decorative scheme. I hope the family who bought it will enjoy living there. It is a terrific neighborhood with many great neighbors, especially those who were there in 2008.
    As for the boarding house issue, there are many former boarding houses and multi-unit houses in the city that have returned to single-family use since the 1970s, especially where the interiors were not destroyed. They will never again be used as anything but single-family homes.

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