Plans to empty and renovate the two brick-fronted garage buildings at 340 and 362 Fell Street, which are currently home to California Detailing, Fell Street Auto Service and Domport Auto Body, are in the works.

And as envisioned, Rivian Automotive, the makers of an all-electric pickup truck (which is slated to beat Tesla’s Cybertruck to market) and SUV would then take over the combined 19,457 square feet of space, 5,162 square feet of which would become a sales office and the remainder a repair and service facility for the brand.

We’ll keep you posted and…plugged-in.

UPDATE (2/23): The proposed flagship facility, as rendered by MBH Architecture:

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Dan

    This is great news.

  2. Posted by wcsf

    I’ve had nothing but awesome things to say about the detailing shop above for some classic cars. But also love the facade of this building, I hope they keep it in tact.

  3. Posted by Ether Bunny

    Why is this great news? Rivian is backed by Amazon and Ford Motor Company, and this move into Hayes Valley will displace three businesses that have operated out of this location for 30 years…disgusting and predatory.

    • Posted by DK

      How is it predatory? They’re selling of their own volition, unless you know something we don’t.

      • Posted by SocketSite

        To be clear, the three existing operators are tenants. And as far as we know, Rivian would be a (new) tenant, versus owner-occupier, as well as the buildings have yet to change hands (although an LOI, dependent upon the project’s approval, could have been signed).

        • Posted by JSN

          Rivian owns the building. They are displacing the three tenants who have operated in the location for over 20 years. Probably putting them all out of business given increased rents and lack of available locations in SF.

          • Posted by SocketSite

            While Rivian is the project sponsor, the property is still owned by a long-standing trust, at least according to the application signed last week. In addition, there doesn’t appear to be a recent transfer on record, at least not yet.

    • Posted by Juan Doe

      Your ignorance is disgusting.

      • Posted by Chris

        “Juan Doe,” how is your comment constructive or furthering any sort of discussion about this issue? You seem better suited to be on Twitter if you just want to hurl insults.

    • Posted by Ether Dummy

      This is incorrect. Those three businesses went out of business and filed for bankruptcy due to COVID, they were not displaced, and Rivian negotiated terms to allow them to shed the debt.

      • Posted by KMS

        California Detailing, which is our business, has not gone bankrupt, nor have any of the other businesses in the building. We are still up and operating as we have for over 30 years! Where are you getting your information?

      • Posted by Fact Check

        Fact Check: Ether Dummy is spreading false information. That comment is very suspicious.

        Fact: 3 successful and long standing SF local businesses are being displaced during a pandemic.

      • Posted by Kms

        Hello! California Detailing, which is our business, has not gone bankrupt, nor have any of the other businesses in the building. We are still up and operating as we have for over 30 years!

  4. Posted by Panhandle Pro

    Very smart move by Rivian. I’m disappointed this isn’t going to become housing anytime soon. These two parcels could have made for an awesome residential project.

  5. Posted by JRSF

    That detail shop is amazing; I hope they in particular find a home nearby. So much for the Auto Row on Van Ness, I guess?

  6. Posted by Canceled

    Selling pickup trucks in San Francisco. That’s rich. Next snow cones in Siberia.

    • Posted by sparky-b

      I feel like I see a lot of pick ups in SF. Don’t you?

      • Posted by Anonymous

        You’re right. Trucks and SUVs are *by a wide margin* the best selling segments nationwide, and a large proportion of them — regardless of location — are never use to their full utility potential.

    • Posted by Henry William Ostendorf

      “Moscow is one of the rare places faced with an oversupply of its Covid-19 vaccine. With few takers for its Sputnik V shot, the city is luring people with free ice cream…”

    • Posted by dch99

      They also sell SUVs, I have a deposit on one of theirs in fact.

  7. Posted by haighter

    Fascinating to watch the move from auto dealers to Tesla-style DTC. Aside from the legal battles with dealer interest groups, big land use implications here. Dealers hold a ton of inventory; hence they’re located in suburban locations with big parking lots. Seems like Rivian is going the Tesla route with direct sales – maybe they have a car or two on-site for test drives but you’re not buying a car off a lot. Hence urban and mall-based locations.

  8. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: We’ve added a rendering of the proposed flagship facility above.

    • Posted by Notcom

      Hopefully they’ll be required – or at least “encouraged” – to continue the awnings (or something similar) The facade is a rather overwhelming mass of brick without them.

      • Posted by SocketSite

        That’s not the plan nor would it be accurate, at least historically speaking. But it would be nice if the original bell tower ports were restored.

        • Posted by Notcom

          It would appear that unpainted brick isn’t “historically accurate either”…at least not for it’s entirety. I’m fine with the towers, but those types of things are usually a seismic headache (and yes, we know how to make things less dangerous, but it’s just another complication).

  9. Posted by JSN

    FALSE! All three businesses have been thriving in this location for 20+ year. Not one is bankrupt or even in jeopardy. Rivian has put them all in a bad situation by making them move! SocketSite do better when approving comments.

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