Designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and built for a solar energy entrepreneur and engineer on a 5,271-square-foot parcel atop Clarendon Heights, near the crest of Mount Sutro, the modern 7,440-square-foot home at 150 Glenbrook Avenue hit the market priced at $22 million this past August.

Walls of windows frame panoramic views of the city, Bay and well beyond.

There’s (now) a roof deck as well.

And having been reduced to $19.95 million at the end of last year and then relisted anew last month, the sale of the rather spectacular 6-bedroom home has now closed escrow with a contract priced of $17.5 million or roughly $2,352 per conditioned square foot.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anonynona

    How much of the price is because of curb appeal, architecture and the architect brand?

  2. Posted by soccermom

    I could be convinced to live there.

  3. Posted by Jon White

    Actually, I prefer the house that was torn down…….at least based on the pic.

    • Posted by soccermom

      It would have gone with an AMC Rambler or Ford Pinto.

    • Posted by Shza

      Yuck, not me.

      • Posted by Brian M

        Ugh, are we sure the tear down was a house and not a 1970s hotel from the less affluent section of Merced? UG-LEE. I know tastes vary, but….

  4. Posted by wow

    Wow, something like this belongs in LA, San Diego, or Miami. Surprising that such a spectacular house exists in San Francisco.

    • Posted by Ohone Californio

      Eh? SF has tons of epic houses.

  5. Posted by Lyn

    Lyndon Rive’s house? While many other solar entrepreneurs are also engineers, he’s the only one with that sort of cash I think would insist on being so described.

  6. Posted by steve

    anything north of $15M seems like a fantastical result. cool house and surely expensive to build, but I’d want much more protection from the street for my $17.5

    • Posted by Cave Dweller

      Security issues? like what .. robbery? assault-violence? quality of life issues?

  7. Posted by Brian M

    MY LOTTO dream would be to hire a REAL Medium to bring Pierre Koenig back from the grave to design for me Case Study House #22 Redux. Given the impossibility of both conditions, a smaller, rationally sized version of this house (1500 square feet…why does anyone need more?) will do nicely.

  8. Posted by around1905

    I’d be nervous of that vacant lot just downhill from here. If another manse goes up the views from this place might not be so great….

    • Posted by Bobby

      For this kind of cheddar, one could very easily just snatch that empty lot up and make it permanently openspacey.

  9. Posted by jenofla

    Wow, dream house identified. It would be a waste if someone was not there full-time in pajamas with a drink throwing a couple parties (post-covid) every weekend.

  10. Posted by Tor

    Didn’t the Planning Department think the large expanses of glass made it look too upscale?

    • Posted by Notcom

      It’s supposed to look upscale, it’s a mansion
      (I think it’s even zoned M-80… for mansions)

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