Purchased for $30 million in the fourth quarter of 2018, plans to raze the industrial sheds and Penske truck rental facility on the 2.8 acre Central Waterfront parcel at 640 Cesar Chavez Street, across from the entrance to Pier 80, have been in the works. But the designs for a series of 4-story self-storage buildings to rise on the site have been kicked to the curb.

And if approved, a maintenance and charging facility for Cruise’s fleet of autonomous vehicles will be developed on the site.  We’ll keep you posted and…plugged-in.

11 thoughts on “Cruise-ing on Cesar Chavez if Approved”
      1. The current real estate cycle is the right phase to conduct a project to create an Ohm for AV maintenance. Will there be any resistance to this project? Watt would impede its progress? It will fuse the past and present while generating jobs and inducing activity in this industrial area. Hopefully no employees are victims to battery when leaving work at night in this former crime charged neighborhood.

        1. ^^^ So glad I found myself back here to see this. Milkshake, you win. Hands down. Thanks for the jolt.

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