With the number of homes on the market in San Francisco having surpassed recession-era levels and poised to rise, and the percentage of homes on the market which have been listed for under a million dollars having ticked up to 33 percent, which is 6 percentage points higher than at the same time last year, there are now over twice as many sub-million dollar homes on the market in San Francisco (550) than at the same time last year (220) and the absolute most in 9 years.

9 thoughts on “Most Sub-Million Dollar Listings in San Francisco in 9 Years”
  1. Nonsense! There are still plenty of places over $1M that are actually selling. Case in point: 1865 California #3 (name link), a 3/2 condo in a small building in Pac Heights. Purchased for $1.55M in March of 2014, it just sold for $1.40M.

    Sure, it was a $200,000+ loss after fees and taxes on an early 2014 buy in Pac Heights, but it still sold for well over $1M! See! The over $1M market is strong.

    Face it, haters: with our glorious weather, real estate practically sells itself! Get out and enjoy the sunshine and don’t listen to these negative Nancys.

    1. Glorious weather? This isn’t central or southern California. Above average weather (compared to rest of country that suffers brutal winters and hot summers) yes. But still pretty chilly and depressing. And the poo-poo…

    1. Google “SF Planning Housing Inventory 2019” for the most recent city-administered report addressing to your question.

      1. Very useful read at 85 pages long especially if one looks at only the neighborhoods with vested interests.

        Saves 3 months glancing at various headlines on this site.

        Thanks for the tip.

      2. Thanks, never looked into this before. However, I’m asking about the sub-million dollar listings mentioned in the post. Seems kind of useless aggregating both considering that both markets are obviously going in two completely different directions.

  2. And a whopping (18) SFH north of 280, (8) 3bd Condos, and (90) 2bd Condos. But for those who haven’t jumped in, looks like the bidding wars are over, except for maybe those 18 sfh and larger condos.

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