Plans for a 25-unit development to rise up to 65 feet in height on the 14-year-old pit in the ground at 1145 Mission Street could be approved this week with the developer having just ‘volunteered’ to include four (4) units of below market rate (BMR) housing on-site – versus three (3) as required by San Francisco’s Inclusionary Affordable Housing Program – in order to appease some local opposition to the project.

Plans to redevelop the site were first drawn and approved nearly two decades ago, back when a two-story brick building, which was to be expanded and converted into live/work lofts, sat on the eastern third of the site. But the brick building was illegally demolished and plans for an all-new development to rise across the site were subsequently drafted by Levy Design Partners for the Landmark Lofts, LLC.

In addition to 25 rental units, the development as proposed now includes 4,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space and a basement garage for 10 cars and 30 bikes.

And while the project could be approved this week, the Landmark Lofts, LLC isn’t planning to start construction “for at least 2-3 years” in light of the market at hand. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

10 thoughts on “Redevelopment of Decade-Old Pit (Somewhat) Closer to Reality”
  1. this is so short for this location. Why not use the density bonus to make 3 floors higher? We should not be allowing new housing in this area to be less than 10-12 stories

    1. I agree one million percent. I’m sort of tired of reading about how dire the housing situation here and the city isn’t doing more to encourage greater density.

      I do hope that this gets redesigned in the next 2-3 years because it’s terrible looking.

  2. I’m glad they got at least one or two orange panels on the facade, because otherwise it would not have been a complete copy of 50 other projects in the city. Crisis averted!

    1. yeah, phew. I think coffee brown is becoming the new orange these days, but it looks like they’ve got both bases covered there

      1. Coffee brown, orange, and??? Avacado green. 🙂 Willing to bet on it.
        Only 25 units? They must be big looking at the rendering.

  3. By approving this project with the full knowledge that the developer plans to sit on it for (at least ) a couple of years, The City is essentially writing a call option and selling it to the developer. Is The City getting a commensurate premium?

  4. The fact that the city has allowed this “developer” to play these games for two decades, starting with the illegal demolition, is a travesty. Build something or the city will take the land by eminent domain and get it built…The empty lot is a blight on the block…there have been fires and other problems on it. This savvy owner throws in one more BMR unit to gain approval but admits he will not build it any time soon. Shame on the Planning Dept for approving this!

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