Designed by Kennerly Architecture and built in 2004, the signature end unit of the three-unit building at 201-207 Guerrero Street, unit #203, features an open main floor with a double height living room and corner windows; a total of three bedrooms and three baths; an office mezzanine; a private roof deck with hot tub and views; and a private garage with a two-car lift system and additional storage.

Having traded for $2.0 million in June of 2014, the 1,886-square-foot unit returned to the market listed for $2.199 million this past March, a price which was just reduced to $2.099 million.

And while a sale at asking would now represent total appreciation of just under 5 percent since mid-2014, it would also represent a drop in value of nearly 7 percent over the past two years as the unit was marked-to-market and traded for $2.325 million in July of 2018 as well.

If you think you know the market in the Mission, now’s the time to tell.

19 thoughts on “Up and Down for a Signature Unit in the Mission”
    1. The shooting was down the street and targeted not random, this is one of the better parts of the Mission. Mission Beach Cafe (always a line) is across the street, Box Dog Bikes (!) too.

      1. Mission Beach Cafe closed in July 2019, so I question AY’s opinion. I also wouldn’t call this one of the better parts of the Mission. It’s much better than when it was one of the most terrible parts of the Mission (prior to reconstruction of Valencia Gardens Public housing next door. But it is still only 2 blocks from 16th and Mission, and is generally the most Tenderloin-y part of the Mission.

        1. yes its definitely not a “safe” part of the mission. And the encampments around here are growing a lot.

      2. The shooter may have been targeting someone else, but a passer-by who had gone out for a burrito was killed.

        1. “Yeah, and it was small caliber….”
          When you have to start rationalizing, probably best to just lay low and hope the thread gets staledated quickly. OTOH. sometimes a “targeted shooting” doesn’t hurt a place’s reputation one bit

  1. Per the architects…”Responding to the lack of privacy and open space on corner lots, we organized 201 Guerrero…” but then we said – heck with that – we’re going with the indoor-outdoor thing in the master bath, where you can enjoy all the Mission has to offer and the Mission can enjoy all you have to offer too.

    1.75 M

    1. Look at the picture, there are blinds on the windows. An effective and fairly cheap privacy solution. I don’t know who wants to stare out the window while showering/bathing, but I am sure I wouldn’t like meeting such a person—a bathroom is meant to get in, do your business, and then leave to go about your day. As for the condo’s location, I have never understood the appeal of the living in the Mission (unless it’s a ritzy part like Liberty Hill)—I go there occasionally for a restaurant and that’s about it. That said, I don’t have any disdain for it.

  2. I remember in the early 90’s During the height of the HIV crisis that there were a lot of these really cool, modernized and large homes for sale around the Castro, upper Noe and this part of the Mission at prices that would blow your mind $200 a sq foot or less). It’s because a family with the means to buy that is also long to look for more kid friendly space, schools and quiet. Which makes this place a bargain (at $1000 a sq ft) in today’s prices for someone looking for all that but without kids in the mix. The problem is there just aren’t a lot of those buyers out there. Someone will buy it around this price and it’s a good deal. It’s just waiting for (Or finding) that buyer.

  3. The “office” on the upper level appears to be open to the living room/kitchen. Unless you live alone, makes the the space unusable as an office.

  4. I’ve always liked this building’s aesthetic. The layout of this unit is great assuming you don’t mind a lot of stairs. Downsides are the living room is undersized for a 3BR/3BA and it’s a very busy intersection. $1.87M

  5. At least one past owner of this unit probably didn’t worry about picture windows in the bath…I was in the unit during an open house for a past sale, and there was a video camera trained on the bed. Window sex, online sex, who cares….

    1. Perhaps the previous owner needed to produce porn as a proverbial “side hustle” in order to consistently make the payments on a multi-million dollar condo. I don’t pretend to understand the revenue potential of doing it, but I respect that occupation more than I respect folks claiming that they need to burden their neighbors with the impacts imposed by an endless stream of tourists by running an illegal hotel out of their condo via AirBnB “hosting”.

  6. I have toured the place. It is really cool, not good if you have a hard time getting around, lots of stairs.

  7. Looking at what else is available for that price, I think they’d be doing well to get 1.886, $1Kpsft.

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