Speaking of Mission District infill projects on the boards, plans to raze the three green buildings between 2316 and 2326 Mission Street (i.e., the Mission Thrift, Mission Loan and Pawnbrokers buildings) are in the works as well.

As envisioned, the three lots on the historic “Miracle Mile” block would be merged and a new five-story building would rise up to 55 feet in height upon the site (which is the full height for which the three parcels are currently zoned).

As preliminarily massed by Workshop1, the redevelopment would yield 24 new apartments behind a “contextual” façade, with 4,900 square feet of new ground floor commercial space and a storage room for 24 bikes but otherwise no parking.

And once again, the preliminary plans don’t envision invoking a density bonus but three (3) of the residential units would be offered at below market rates (as required).  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Anonymous

    Great spot for a project like this and great that there’s no parking. Would be nice to see a lot more of this along the corridor.

  2. Posted by Jimbo

    Next to Bart. Should be 12 floors. Update zoning in the mission and western soma please

  3. Posted by Karl

    It’s a huge strategic (and financial) mistake for this developer to not invoke the State Density Bonus Law. If they fail to do so, the United to Save the Mission extortionists will eat them alive.

    The developer should propose a “base project” containing 18 units and provide 2 BMR units @ 50% AMI (in order to be in compliance with both local and state regulations). If they do so they will be entitled to receive a 35% (6 unit) bonus; thus creating a “bonus project” containing their their desired 24 units.

    Furthermore, this will neutralize the local NIMBY mob, since the State Law has strong protections against such corrupt nonsense.

  4. Posted by maurice

    No parking! Yay. Suits a location close to so much transit.

  5. Posted by Al

    Why not reverse that and make 21 below rate hmmm?

  6. Posted by Joe Buck

    These have rent controlled residential tenants in them. Combine that with this being in the Mission let alone on Mission Street itself and there’s no way this will get approved within the next 7 years.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      According to the Preliminary Application submitted to Planning, there’s only one market-rate residential unit across the three buildings.

  7. Posted by Jack

    2316 and 2318 are ‘contributors’ to the idiotic historic district on this block.

  8. Posted by Miraloma Man

    I miss Mission Thrift so much, but I am old, so who cares?

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