In a move which shouldn’t catch any plugged-in readers by surprise, the Presidio Trust’s Board of Directors has formally rejected the refined plans for redeveloping the Presidio’s 30-acre Fort Winfield Scott campus.

While the proposing team, which was anchored by the We (Work) Company, was granted an opportunity to “update and clarify” their original pitch for the redevelopment, a pitch which was thoroughly panned by the staff of the Presidio Trust back in Aprilthe updated pitch didn’t fare much better.

And last night, the Trust’s Board of Directors followed the recommendation of their CEO and staff and concluded the Fort Winfield Scott RFP process without awarding the redevelopment rights for the campus, “free[ing] up staff to focus on developing other areas in the Presidio,” with the ultimate goal of generating enough ongoing revenue to enable the Trust to self-finance and direct the projected $200 million redevelopment of Fort Winfield Scott at some point in the future.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by FRONOFRO

    I get that they have ideals about the space… but is it acceptable to let buildings rot and go unused? Surely the cost associated with that has to be higher than the tenants not being perfectly mission driven in their eyes or that the developer want a return on their investment.

  2. Posted by L'UrbanistaSF

    Having worked a lot with the Presidio Trust since its inception I can tell you with confidence that they likely can’t find their buttocks with both hands.

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