Having hit the market in August, Lucca Ravioli’s detached parking lot at 1120 Valencia sold for $3.5 million and plans to develop the Mission District parcel have been drafted.

And as preliminarily envisioned, a five-story building would rise up to 55 feet in height upon the site, with 18 residential units over a ground floor retail and/or restaurant space and a roof deck (but no garage) for its residents.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Adam

    Reasonable height relative to neighboring properties, ground floor retail space on a popular shopping street, no parking needed due to nearby public transport, and no displacement of existing residents? I’ll be curious to see how long it takes for this to be built.

  2. Posted by Stop the Mission Mafia!

    Actual price? $4.5 million, because you know they are going to have to bribe Hillary Ronen and Calle24 to be able to build there.

    • Posted by Karl

      Fortunately, it’s not in her District.

  3. Posted by Scott F

    I’ve long thought the height limit on Valencia was too short, and a 12 story height limit would greatly enhance the neighborhood character. Maybe this can be the first. The zoning may be 5 stories but the Mission really wants to see affordable housing. I’d love to see a deal here: 12 stories with 25% affordable (versus 12% required as proposed).

    That would raise the number of BMR homes onsite from 2 to about 10.

    • Posted by observant neighbor

      12 stories is under discussion for the 100% BMR building at 17th & Mission, yes? Let’s do it here too!

      • Posted by Scott F

        Right on! That one has been proposed at 13, counting the second story performance space for Dance Mission.

        • Posted by do it right

          Yes. But it must meet the same requirements as 18th/Mission – 100% BMR below 120%AMI with two subsidized commercial spaces for community serving non-profits for 50 years, one being a performance space for the arts. The commercial tenants also have to have a range of low price point offerings so that those of all income levels can participate.

    • Posted by SFRealist

      12 stories here? Ha! Good one!

      (No way no chance never will the neighborhood agree to 12 stories.)

    • Posted by sparky-b

      Why do you say this will have 12% as proposed? Isn’t the current percentage 18 and possibly moving to 19?

      • Posted by Scott F

        That’s for the large projects with 25 homes and up. The requirement remains 12% for proposals with between 10 and 24 homes.

    • Posted by Bobby Mucho

      I think 12 is a tiny bit excessive in this specific location. I’d rather see the lot behind the Sears building get 16 stories, maybe a few lots on Mission St near BART and definitely, as mentioned, around 16/17th and Harrison, Folsom, Potrero.

      There are plenty of vacant or underused lots that could handle some height without causing a firestorm. We just need some brave souls to take the initiative.

    • Posted by Spencer

      totally agree. the mission and valencia corridor would be much nicer with a few 10-12 story buildings interspersed throughout and it is the most efficient way to add affordable housing.

    • Posted by Sabbie

      I’ll bet there are some people who don’t want to see “affordable housing” in the Mission – those who would like to own there, but are just slightly priced out.

  4. Posted by NOPA

    With only 18 units the cost of land comes out to 194k per unit. Great illustration as to why it is impossible to build affordable housing with new construction unless it is subsidized somehow.

    Ultimately somebody is paying for the affordable housing, the question is who? Calle24 wants more affordable housing but I sure as hell don’t see them offering to pay higher taxes.

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