While waylaid by efforts to increase the percentage of below market rate (BMR) units the proposed six-story building to rise on the old Alouis Radiator shop turned Seismic Retrofitters parcel at 650 Divisadero Street would be required to provide, the project could be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission on November 8.

The development, which has been in the works since 2013, would yield 66 apartments, a mix of 12 studios, 9 one-bedrooms, 31 twos and 14 threes, over 3,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space and an underground garage for 26 cars.

While the project as proposed would include 9 below market rate units, pending legislation sponsored by Supervisor Brown would increase the required number of BMR units to 13 and Planning has received over a hundred emails from members of the community requesting that the Commission continue to delay the project’s approval, which was originally slated to occur in January of 2017, until the aforementioned legislation has been formally passed.

Regardless, it’s worth noting that neither demolition nor building permits for the project has been requested much less secured.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by mcva

    Great use of space, so long as all the occupants realize that they will be living next to the Independent and don’t start making noise complaints.

    • Posted by Curious

      The Independent is over if this thing gets built. I’m all for new housing, but I sure wish there was a layer of offices or something going in next to the Independent instead.

      • Posted by kbbl

        What ever came of the bill to stop exactly that from happening?

  2. Posted by Steve jester

    What this person said [is] absolutely correct ??

  3. Posted by Kyle

    What’s the best way to voice support to the planning commission? I email supes but they always provide lip service

  4. Posted by Freeloader
    • Posted by GGGGGGG

      Would love to know this as well.

  5. Posted by JB10

    Unimaginative mainly market rate condos with car parking.

  6. Posted by Robin

    I’m 100% for more housing in SF (and this neighborhood in particular), but without some kind of guaranteed protection for The Independent, I’m thinking that its days would be numbered once this was finished and occupied.

  7. Posted by john parker willis

    Are we sure there is no historic building there . . . . .?

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