The concept proposals for redeveloping roughly two dozen buildings in the Presidio, buildings which are spread across 30 acres near the Golden Gate Bridge and comprise Fort Winfield Scott, will be presented and formally reviewed by the Presidio Trust’s Board of Directors on Thursday, September 27.

As we first reported last month, the Trust’s staff has already completed a preliminary review of the nine concepts and unofficially narrowed its recommended field to three: OpenAI which is backed by Sam Altman, Elon Musk and Kilroy Realty; the Epicenter for Climate Solutions, backed by the California Clean Energy Fund and EPIC Institute; and the Campus for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is back by Equity Community Builders and World Economic Forum.

If the Presidio Board follows the recommendation of its staff, a formal RFP is expected to be issued to the three (or more) finalists in either October or November, with a target of identifying which proposal(s), if any, to accept at a Board meeting in the first or second quarter of next year.

Keep in mind that the projected cost of renovating and restoring Fort Winfield Scott’s historic buildings, landscapes and infrastructure, which the winning team will need to foot, has been estimated at around $200 million.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

9 thoughts on “Concept Proposals for Fort Scott Slated for Formal Review”
  1. Elon Musk’s name should be a deal killer for OpenAI. In record time, Musk has gone from being an exciting visionary to a Trumpesque twittering erratic who is headed for a collision with the SEC. Musk should fall on his sword and resign so he won’t be an albatross around the project’s neck.

  2. Give Elon some sympathy. The poor guy is so sleep deprived he has lost his mind a bit. But with Model 3 production hitting 6,000 this week, hopefully he can get some rest and return to visionary status soon.

    1. That behavior by Musk displayed that he intakes fringe right wing discourse enough to color his own language. It was beyond disappointing to say the least.

      1. “The particular building or the complete campus of this timeline is located on the shore of the Presidio, not far away from the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.” (from said link)

        It appears to vary, depending on which version you use….alternate facts, anyone ??

        1. From the same link’s summary: “The location of Starfleet Academy [in Marin] remains somewhat consistent, although we may not always be looking at the very same buildings. Only in the alternate universe of “Star Trek (2009)” parts of the Academy or the whole institution seem to have moved to the Presidio.” In other words, “as (most frequently) rendered,” as we specifically noted above.

          And now back to Fort Scott and the actual concepts, teams and uses at hand…

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