As we first noted last month, while it’s certainly not unusual for Decorator Showcase homes to hit the market shortly after their ticketed showcasing has ended, they typically don’t hit the market a few days into their month-long run.

But having hit the market with an $8.995 million price tag at the beginning of May, the asking price for the 2018 Decorator Showcase home at 465 Marina Boulevard has just been dropped to $7.988 million and the marketing materials have been updated to include more photos.

Once again, 465 Marina Boulevard was purchased for $8 million ($8,000,888 to be precise) back in October of 2015, prior to being “re-imagined by some of the areas top designers,” with new fixtures and finishes throughout the 5,420-square-foot home.

7 thoughts on “Million Dollar Price Cut for the 2018 Showcase Home”
  1. I visited this property for the Decorator Showcase, a lovely home. But who would pay such a price for a house on fill land with a view of a busy street & parking lot across the street? Yes, a nice view if you can ignore the foreground.

    1. I’ll never forget how the house just to the left was severely tilted for years after the 89 quake.

  2. For $8 mil I would want a little effort put into the curb appeal. My humble abode has better landscaping. All that effort on the interior and the front looks scrappy.

  3. The earthquake risk has not changed for the Marina, although people who were not here is 1989 may not know of the devastation. For this price one could probably find a nice house higher up the hill on bedrock.

  4. The photographer should leave that ultra wide angle lens in the bag. Anything wider than ~22mm looks just plain strange. That’s fine for art but not for documentation. Viewing those photos gave me a mix of vertigo and nausea.

    I like how the 2015 buyers threw in an extra $888 for good fortune.

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