As we first reported last year, plans to raze the two-story Fast Signs Building on the northwest corner of Harrison and Hawthorne Streets and develop a 14-story residential building, with 118 residential units over a garage for 26 cars, were in the works.

And as newly rendered by Ankrom Moisan Architects and a formal application having now been filed, the proposed development would rise up to 130 feet in height upon the 650 Harrison Street site, with a 931-square-foot retail space on the corner, a bicycle specific entrance leading to a storage room for 124 bikes, and the number of parking spaces in the basement garage having been upped to 29.

And once again, while the site is currently only zoned for development up to 85 feet in height, the City’s proposed Central SoMa Plan would add the extra 45 feet if the plan is approved.  We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by MDG399

    I Like

  2. Posted by Hunter

    Great, awesome, more housing in Central SoMa please.

    • Posted by Orland

      Would like to see some concrete action on the other three residential buildings that are being proposed for that intersection. Are they awaiting approval of the SOMA Plan for height upzoning as well?

      • Posted by somalandlord

        On Folsom and Hawthorn? This one is on Harrison and Hawthorne which is the intersection down the block.

        Equity Residential pretty much owns this block. You’ll see concrete action when concrete is super cheap. Wait a couple more years.

    • Posted by another anon

      Central SoMa? What does this location have to do with central SoMa? That said, 10 years ago this location was pretty dull. Now it’s just blocks from Salesforce, Linkedin, etc.

      What’s with all the bike parking? Everyone’s on Ford gobikes, Uber jumpbikes, shared motorized scooters, etc. The benefit to owning any kind of vehicle in a dense urban area is getting smaller each day.

      • Posted by Hunter

        Not sure I get your question—this parcel is in central SoMa as defined by the city.

  3. Posted by Tausche Ludwig

    Wow. Good design/planning.

  4. Posted by haighter

    Gorgeous building. Love the idea of a separate bike entrance.

  5. Posted by sureyoureright

    That intersection? Do you mean Hawthorne and Folsom? If so, it’s not happening until construction costs go down or the ROI makes more sense. EQR pretty much owns that block and will build when it makes more sense, IMO.

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