Two adjacent units on the fourth floor of the eleven-story mid-rise component of San Francisco’s leaning Millennium Tower development (a.k.a. the City Residences) were legally merged back in 2013 to create a single four-bedroom unit #401 which measures 3,814 square feet and sold for $5.3 million in May of 2014.

And having returned to the market priced at $5.995 million in March of last year, a few quarters after the tower’s foundational woes became widely known, the sale of 301 Mission Street #401 has now closed escrow with a contract price of $4.66 million.

Keep in mind that the seller was offering financing “for qualified applicants” and Sterling Bank was offering loans with at least 50 percent down, according to the listing.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Forward Observer

    Having worked on 444Market Street and worked at 44Montgomery and One California in my ten years in San Francisco, I cannot fathom ever living in a high rise in The City.

  2. Posted by Donald

    I would love to have a high rise condo. I don’t know if I’d want to live there full time or as a second home, though

  3. Posted by Mark F.

    It’s a 4th floor unit, but don’t worry–it will be at street level in a few years. LOL. But seriously, I rather like this.

    • Posted by Notcom

      I don’t think the smaller building is settling (and logically it would settle less since it weighs much less)

      • Posted by Mark F.

        I did not think of that.

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