While never officially listed for sale on the MLS, the nine-bedroom Presidio Heights mansion at 34 Maple Street, which was designed by Hermann Barth and built for Mary A. Huntington in 1910, quietly hit the market at the end of last year with a $25 million price tag.

The now 11,700-square-foot home, which has been meticulously maintained, expanded and updated, sits on a 11,434 square foot lot at the corner of Jackson, with a large level yard, four-car garage and protected patio with views overlooking the Presidio.

And with the offering price having been reduced to $19.95 million at the end of February, the sale of 34 Maple Street has now quietly closed escrow with a contract price of $18.5 million, or roughly $1,581 per square foot, which is 26 percent below its original price but still represents the most expensive home sale in San Francisco this year and “within 7.3 percent of asking” according to all MLS-based stats.

5 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Home Sale in San Francisco so Far This Year”
  1. Can a house have an MLS stat if it never appears on the MLS? Or does the MLS in SF retroactively gather non-MLS listings for its stats?

    1. The listing was added to the MLS post-sale, “for comp purposes only,” with an official “list price” of $19.95 million and “one” day on the market according to MLS-based stats and reports, as is common practice.

  2. I’ve wondered what it means when I see something on ZIllow that says “for comp purposes only”. Does that mean the sale was executed outside the MLS and that the sale is being retroactively added for purposes of understanding the comp?

    1. Yes, although a secondary reason is that it helps agents get access to things like Top Agent Netwotk, WSJ rankings, industry rankings, etc since they pull from MLS. Agents can supply off market sales to some of those sites but it’s more cumbersome.

  3. So this was effectively a pocket listing? I am curious how many “hidden” houses/condos actually exist for sale in SF proper

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