5012 E Mockingbird Lane

As we reported two years ago, prior to Matt Cain’s retirement last year:

Purchased for $5.5 million in 2013, San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain has put his 11,000-square-foot pad in Paradise Valley, Arizona on the market for $5.85 million.

Rebuilt in 2009, the five-bedroom, Tuscan-style home at 5012 East Mockingbird Lane is finished in walnut, marble, mahogany and stone, with a bi-level garage for eight cars and a detached one-bedroom guesthouse adjacent to the pool.

Relisted for $5.995 million in June of last year and then reduced to $5.695 million, the asking price for Matt Cain’s piece of Paradise is now down to $5.195 million as of yesterday afternoon.

17 thoughts on “Matt Cain’s Piece of Paradise Now Listed at a Loss”
  1. Urgh, tasteless. But I suppose if you’re someone who’d like to live in Arizona, then why not in this gaudy Loius-XIV-visits-a-Roman-bathhouse crap?

    1. Have you ever checked out the site McMansion Hell? Good for a chuckle.

      I could see living in Flagstaff or maybe (with some reluctance) Tucson. And I am assured that Phoenix is trying hard to renovate its downtown.

    2. Because Arizona has some amazing desert architecture that can be had for less. Really great stuff is being built there now.

  2. grew up in the Valley of the Sun – P.V. is booooorrring. And there’s a reason why we call it Snotsdale not Scottsdale…

    1. Pheonix is such a pit. Its like LA (massive/carcentric) but with nothing cool, and all the bad (smog/gridlock). And Scottsdale is the worst, like a wanna be Beverly hills. And this house is purely a reflection of all that.

      1. Phoenix is the place to move to when you can’t make it in L.A. or S.F. but still want to act like a big shot.

  3. No need to be so anal this is an interesting real estate story involving a Bay Area celebrity. AZ is way too hot and sunny for me (and getting hotter every year!) and for 5-6M there are lots of other inland desert settings.

  4. Maybe Matt would like to lead a more “normal” life. Like Lincecum, who sold his highrise condo to live with the locals.

    I loved Matt as a Giant. GLWS.

  5. Over a 12 year career, Matt Cain earned $138,552,998. I really doubt he’s sweating the loss on this place.

  6. Why all of the grass in the middle of the desert? Not the worst Mc Mansion I have ever seen, but still…

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