Having been redesigned by RAD Urban last year, the plans for a 29-story building to rise up to 360 feet in height at 1433 Webster Street in Downtown Oakland have tentatively qualified for a streamlined environmental review.

The modular development would yield 179 apartments over 60,000 square feet of office space, an 1,100-square-foot café at the corner of Webster and 15th, and a garage for 86 cars.

And if the development and Density Bonus concessions required to build to the height, mass and density as proposed are approved by the City, the project team is now expected to break ground for the 1433 Webster Street tower in the first quarter of 2020, finishing construction in mid to late 2021.

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Patrick

    Nice. I was taking a class in downtown Oakland for a week last month and noticed that the many parking lots and small buildings make it prime turf to build taller. Much taller. What is the ghostly building to the right of the RAD tower in the second illustration?

    • Posted by Notcom

      1510 Webster, I believe.

      The building looks great, but there seems to be a disturbing pattern: w/ each iteration it looks better but gets further away to being built. I fear it will end up the perfect…dream.

  2. Posted by E.Gonsalves

    Breaking ground in 2020? This is taking way too long. Please hurry and build this building. That ugly blight currently on that parcel needs to go ASAP.

    • Posted by Anonymous

      But you told us that boxy glass towers are ugly and ruin skylines.

      • Posted by E.Gonsalves

        If this were 800ft it would be a different story. This will not be prominent in Oakland’s skyline. Also, it’s not the greatest looking building but it’s not ugly.

  3. Posted by jwb

    What is meant by modular? Off-site fabrication techniques?

  4. Posted by citicritter

    Um, SocketSite, that design is pretty much at the opposite end of the architectural spectrum from ‘radical’. A modular construction approach may be a bit unusual for a building of this height, but very far from radical…

    • Posted by SocketSite

      And with RAD Urban leading the charge and modular approach, perhaps that’s why we penned “RADical” in our headline above…

    • Posted by Don

      Umm, I believe that’s intended as a lighthearted reference to RAD Urban, the firm developing this project. And yes; offsite fabrication. They recently completed an apartment building at 48th and Shattuck, to mixed neighborhood reviews, but it was fun to watch nearly complete slices of apartment hoisted into place from a truck. RAD has two more projects in early construction in Temescal, at 51st/Telegraph and 47th/Telegraph. I wish this one was under construction right now.

      • Posted by citicritter

        Of course the direct reference to their name is obvious in the headline. That doesn’t change the fact that it is not at all a radical project — hence my argument against the use of such word play in this instance…

  5. Posted by vitruvio

    “Not very interesting at all. Very bland looking building.”

    “An absolutely uninspiring, bland building. One glass box after another.”

    • Posted by E.Gonsalves

      It’s much better than the current blighted property on that parcel and it won’t overpower the Oakland skyline. This building is only 29 stories.

      • Posted by Anon123

        “Just looking at those pictures it’s stunning how uninteresting the architecture in Oakland really is. NYC, Chicago, Boston, Seattle have much more interesting newer buildings. Not a very interesting in Oakland”

        • Posted by E.Gonsalves

          That’s the underdeveloped part of DTO just east of Broadway between the highrises at City Center and the other highrises in the Lake Merritt Financial District. That’s not an accurate portrayal of Oakland’s downtown architecture.

  6. Posted by Everett

    Break ground in 2020? Why so long? It’s approved and it’s modular. This one may not get built.

    [Editor’s Note: As we reported above, the project has yet to be approved.]

  7. Posted by Jax

    Once construction begins it will take 59 weeks to build, due to Modular construction.

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