Plans to level the 76 station and JT’s Auto Repair shop on the southwest corner of Lawton and 42nd Avenue in the Outer Sunset and develop a four-story building upon the 3601 Lawton Street site have been newly rendered by Kodorski Design and are slated to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission next week.

In addition to 15 townhome-style condos, of which all but one are three-bedrooms, the refined designs for the proposed development include 4,500 square feet of ground floor commercial space fronting Lawton and a basement garage for 24 cars.

Private rooftop gardens would provide the majority of the development’s required open space.

And while originally designed to avoid having to include any inclusionary (BMR) units and then proposed to be 100 percent market-rate with the payment of an in lieu fee, the project team now plans to designate three (3) of the units to be offered at below market rates.

18 thoughts on “Redevelopment of Another Gas Station in SF Closer to Reality”
    1. Yes, more market rate housing will ease the housing crunch for those who have the money, but it won’t ease housing affordability.

  1. It’s bizarre to me how there are basically zero roof decks out by the beach. Even so, these here appear to have tall fencing. Instead of “backyard,” “topyard?”

    1. I live in parkside/sunset area and have to be honest in telling you that few people use their “backyards.” Instead they are just filled with weeds and/or cement. Why? The weather sucks most of the year. My small backyard faces east and is protected with neighbors fences but the front of the house facing west takes the brunt of the wind and fog. Regardless, even though I’ve landscaped my yard it’s pretty much unusable during our summer when temps barely reach 60 and there is a wind chill. The rooftop “fencing” is there for a reason other than safety…protection from the elements. Even so, I doubt many residents would use this space. Balconies are just as dumb here. Also, those trees won’t look like that for long.

  2. The example gardens look like they require a considerable amount of professional maintenance to keep the bushes, plants, lawns and trees nice and shapely. But they are on the roof. There doesn’t appear to be any elevator. So, are the gardeners supposed to climb the stairs carrying all their equipment/supplies up and then drag the cuttings, branches, and leaves down the savinostairs? Sounds pretty messy.

  3. 15 units and 24 parking spaces? Do we know how parking is split between units and commercial space? Any word on bike parking?

    1. I have a “nice” bike. I would never leave it in a common “bicycle parking area”, even with good locks.

  4. Given the location, they really ought to have done at least one rendering with thick fog so you can get a true sense of what it’ll look like most of the time.

  5. With the plans as outlined above having since been approved, and “all permits to be finalized prior to close of escrow,” the entitled parcel at 3601 Lawton has just hit the market with an $8M asking price. We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

  6. I just learned that an independent gas station company is coming to replace the 76 station at Lawton and 42nd Avenue. What does that mean for the proposed building on that site?

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