While Britex Fabrics has operated out of its iconic four-story space at 146 Geary Street since 1952, the family that founded and operates the store sold the Union Square building to City Center Realty Partners for $38 million at the end of 2015.

And as we first reported last year, the new owners of 146 Geary have drafted plans to convert the second, third and fourth floors of the 12,000-square-foot Britex building from retail to office space, plans which were met with a fair amount of disbelief and denial.

And in fact, Britex will be shuttering its 146 Geary Street store sometime after Thanksgiving.

But as reported by J.K Dineen, Britex has also landed a lease for the 8,000-square-foot retail space formerly occupied by Mango at the base of 117 Post Street (which City Center Realty already owns) and plans to reopen by the end of the year. New retail and office space can sometimes require considerable renovations to get your new building looking the way you would like it too in time for any openings or reopenings. And that’s why it can be important for businesses to pick a reliable contractor that can cover all basis’, like having any gypsum work done to their walls and ceilings to name just one. That’s why it is important to choose a contractor who can turn your dreams into reality.

And with respect to the fate of the iconic Britex Fabrics sign, while “Britex” is slated to make the move, the “Fabrics” portion will be left behind as it would block the windows of the office tenants above the second floor on Post and is a far bigger sign than the City currently allows (or would allow to be replaced).

10 thoughts on “Landmark Union Square Retailer Lands a New Home”
  1. Bummer—the sign is historic and they should receive an exemption by the city. I’m sure they could position it over one of those giant columns if the building owner were open to it…

    1. Similar to the Doc’s Clock sign, which I thought was allowed via grandfathering to move locations if the building owner wanted to.

    2. The key line: “it would block the windows of the office tenants above” (and impact future rents). In other words, even if the City was willing to grant an exception, it’s unlikely the building’s owners would acquiesce.

      1. IIRC when Rizzoli had the space, they occupied all the floors – I think structurally it’s actually a separate building, the uniform facade notwithstanding – it’s too bad that’s apparently too much for Britex (or maybe the upper floors have already been converted to office space ??)

  2. As a note of historical interest, this building was the home of O’Connor. Moffat and Co. from ~1909-1929, before they moved to Stockton St….and of course eventually became macy*s.

  3. Great news! I love britex fabrics, glad the owners could get the value from their real estate holdings and continue to operate the store

  4. I’m … beyond disappointed. That sign and the store behind it are part of my first steps in learning to love this place. The whole sign should be allowed to move, and the office tenants should feel lucky to have it in their faces every day.

  5. Britex previously occupied two (or three ?) floors of 117 Post, while 146 Geary was having seismic retrofit work done (Geary is at least partially structural, unreinforced brick, load bearing walls). This was after Rizzoli had left. Art gallery was on top flr. at that time; framed, antique French posters.

    Britex’s ‘temp’ occupancy may’ve been part of over-all accommodation/negotiations with what became the future & now current owners of 146 Geary, who already owned 117 Post at the time of Britex’s 1st ‘temp’ relocation. They probably wanted Geary Street to already have all of it mandatory siesmic work finished Prior to their closing escrow on 146 Geary.

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