Purchased for $1.495 million in September 2015, the 1,418-square-foot Lumina unit #2A at 318 Main Street returned to the market this past June listed for $1.649 million and touting: “Best priced 2bed/2bath home in San Francisco’s premier luxury high rise condo!”

While the June listing has since been withdrawn from the MLS and effectively scrubbed from most sites, 318 Main Street #2A has now been listed anew for $1.588 million and with an official “5” days on the market according to all industry stats. And yes, the “best priced” line appears to have been dropped from the new listing rather than changed to “bestest” or “betterer.”

A sale at the reduced price would represent total appreciation of 6.2 percent over the past two years for the two-bedroom unit #2A, not accounting for a couple of closet and bathroom upgrades since purchased as new.

At the same time, the listing for the 1,572-square-foot, two-bedroom Lumina Tower D unit #35A, which was purchased for $3,149,500 a year ago June and had most recently been on the market for $2,995,000, appears to have been de-listed without a reported sale.

5 thoughts on “The Bestest Priced Two-Bedroom in SF’s Premier High-Rise?”
  1. These types of listings are best left to the Real Estate professionals who are intimately familiar with the recession to post-recession market in SOMA, having lived in, purchased, and sold primary and investment residences in the Millennium Tower and subsequently the Lumina. YMMV.

  2. Anyone who thinks real estate marketing in SF is amusing needs to put aside their preconceived notions of chutzpah and type 9133 Oriole Way, Bird Streets into the Utube machine and see what happens.

    We are eons behind here in production value, cheese, and nerve.

    410 Dabney, Trousdale. (I mean, you might not want to do this on a work computer, or in the company of people who look up to you.)

    You’re welcome. Always Be Closing.

    1. Bird Streets are a whole different level…I’d love to acquire a home there. Tons of A-listers for sure.

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