The sale of the first (and perhaps last) “Restoration Hardware Residence” at 347 South Crane Avenue in St. Helena has closed escrow with a $7.55 million contract price.

Purchased by the CEO of Restoration Hardware, Gary Friedman, for $5.9 million in 2013, the wine country estate, which includes a 5,140-square-foot main home and a 630-square-foot guest house, was subsequently remodeled over the course of two years by the company’s design team and returned to the market last year priced at $10.5 million and positioned as the first fully furnished “RH Residence,” driven by Friedman’s feeling that there was “a void in the market for fully designed and integrated homes that deliver the one thing that none of us can currently buy, time.”

And with a list price which was reduced to $7.7 million in July, the sale of 347 South Crane Avenue is officially “within 2 percent of asking!” according to all MLS-based stats and reports.

14 thoughts on “Restoration Hardware Residence Finally Fetches $7.55 Million”
  1. Anyone else find it hilarious that both of the bathroom sinks look to be about twice the size of the one sink in the kitchen?

  2. This is an A, maybe an A+, compared to the other mega properties listed on here. I assume that’s just just because it’s a 2014-15 remodel and the style is still on trend. I wonder what will look dated to us in 20 years…

    1. Even the leaves of the plants in the living room are symmetric. Heck, even the BENT leaves on the plants in the living room are symmetric.

    2. I thought that the Renaissance enlightened architects to the idea that balance was more aesthetically pleasing than simple, brute symmetry.

      symmetry:dead boring :: balance:?

    3. For a perfectly matched couple – total equal split of the home between them! For some reason, I can imagine a household with a same-sex couple, each the same height, and their identical twin children.

  3. why are all the comments on here all about making a funny? Can’t you just go with it? Somehow I’m thinking the negative commenters don’t have $7.5M to buy the place anyway as there is nothing wrong with buying what you want in life.

    1. You’re right, anyone ought to be allowed to spend their money however they want within the law. But that has nothing to do with whether others can ridicule their purchases.

      Personally I have more respect for the KLF burning their fortune than others spending their money on ostentatious overpriced luxury items in poor taste.

      1. You are creating a false binary here. The choice is not between “burning their fortune” and “ostentatious spending”

        To me, this is typical faux-leftist virtue signaling. There is a lot of good “a million quid” could have done. A useless act, but then, what can one expect out of tacky pop electronica musicians?

        1. My statement made no dichotomy whether false or true. And I didn’t say that I agree with what the KLF did. Just that it is more respectable than blowing cash on unnecessary bling. Gold plated Hummer anyone?

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