Purchased as a 2,320-square-foot home “with wonderful period detail[s]” for $1.4 million in 2009, 2652 Chestnut Street returned to the market as a contemporary 4,870-square-foot home with an extra floor in 2014 and sold for $7.025 million that June.

Listed for $7.539 million this past October, “with luxurious finishes throughout,” the asking price for 2652 Chestnut was reduced to $7.395 million in April.

And the sale of the “Exceptional Cow Hollow Home” has now closed escrow with a $7.0 million contract price.

11 thoughts on “High-End Cow Hollow Home Fetches 2014-Era Price”
  1. The latest word in London, Paris, Amsterdam and the rest of western Europe is open floor plans, minimalism, white-cube-art-gallery, and boring are all OUT. Comfortable, mixed including antique furniture, interior doors, interesting and human scale are IN.

    Even San Francisco will get the message, sooner or later, probably later.

    1. OUT and IN with regard to design choices are what is really “out”. My favorite interior magazine is “The World of Interiors” which has no problem featuring a cluttered Welsh cottage or a historic Belgian chateau and on the next page a minimalist box in white or brutalist cement.

      the real message is to each his own. the latest never lasts.

      to paraphrase churchill – we may be drunk (with white) at the moment but in the morning we will be sober, but truly ugly can only be fixed by gut remodel or renovation?

      1. Only here, the previous Spanish Eclectic/Mission Revival home “with wonderful period details” wasn’t “truly ugly” and thus didn’t need gutting or a remodel. It was done because yet another greedy ignorant flipper felt the need to build a larger, generic Dwell-ified luxury home that covered up the (admittedly lot line) windows on the home to the viewer’s right with a wall.

        1. The original build is a meh from outside. The new building isn’t that much better either. NIMBYS in this city has make sure that any newly build single family home to remain meh because god forbid it looks drastically different from existing building next door….

  2. three separate dining/scarfing areas all in plain view of spills and containers in kitchen? Give me the enclosed separate kitchen of yesteryear, where cooking mess was not seen from the dining room

  3. $7 million on that crappy block off Richardson (Highway 101)…wow…I guess it’s chump change these days.

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