Plans to shutter (a portion of) the Timbuk2 warehouse and workshop building at 2394 Folsom Street are in the works. And as proposed, the Mission District trade shop space at Folsom and 20th Streets will be converted into a restaurant to be operated by the Fort Point Beer Company. We’ll keep you posted as the plans progress.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Serge

    That’s fantastic! FP beer is a great local brew.

  2. Posted by Evertz

    Trade shop to restaurant sounds like a zoning problem?

    • Posted by Carpe Zeitgeist

      I would not be surprised if extortion money will have to be paid to MEDA to make this happen.

      • Posted by scott f

        Lately it seems like SocketSite is deliberately not reporting the drama and opposition? Several of MEDA’s fellow travelers have already come out strongly opposing the idea. You can read about the opposition at MissionLocal, if SocketSite allows this to be posted and doesn’t delete my link.

        • Posted by Serge

          How in the world could someone be against this? Boggles the mind.

          • Posted by Brian M

            They dislike Chronic Inebriates.

            Yet the same activists are all in favor of housing the “homeless” who employ zero people, contribute little, etc. etc.

        • Posted by bachman_erlich_overdrive

          Great link to the MissionLocal story. I know I/we should come to expect some of this, but I am stupified by the following quotation:

          ‘Though he said he would be against any kind of alcohol, Hall suggested that if that couldn’t be avoided, the pub should try to blend in.

          “If you were to create a space here, one of the things you could do is make the space non-gentrifying in appearance,” he said. “Walk around to some old places that exist, make the interior and atmosphere look like that.”’

          Non-gentrifying in appearance. Let’s just let our imaginations go with that one…

        • Posted by Brisket

          I don’t get the vibe of a real united opposition from the article or the commenters. As to the chronic inebriates in the Mission, if you have been anywhere near Dolores Park on the weekends you can see that ship has sailed. It has become like the Marina on steroids.

          I like Fort Point’s beer and would be happy to have this place open. Keeping Timubk2’s manufacturing jobs in the neighborhood is an added bonus.

  3. Posted by Pablito

    I’ll drink to that…

  4. Posted by MDG399

    Beers and Bags – I like it…!!!

  5. Posted by Ohlone Californio

    Why would they do sausages in the kitchen with Schmidt’s right there on the corner? That sucks. If that’s really what they’re gonna do, I’m against this too.

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