An Oakland-based chef and restaurateur is close to closing escrow on the purchase of the former City of Oakland Fire Station No. 14 at 3455 Champion Street, around the corner from MacArthur Boulevard.

And as proposed, Dominica Rice-Cisneros (think Cosecha Café) is planning to convert the Diamond District building into a 4,900-square-foot restaurant dubbed “Bombera Bar & Grill,” with a 600-square-foot patio out front.

It’s thought that the restaurant will be a state of the art facility that will even embrace the latest developments in restaurant software.

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On the market since 2011, a previous deal to sell the building to Jack Stewart, the owner of Aunt Mary’s Café in Temescal, fell through.

But Rice-Cisneros is pushing forward with her plans for the site which could be approved by the City of Oakland early next month.

6 thoughts on “Chef Pushing Forward with Plans for Former Oakland Fire Station”
  1. It seem’s like kind of an out-of-the-way place for a restaurant – or any other kind of retail for that matter (if you do a 360 on the street views you’ll notice it’s surrounded by houses). OTOH It’s only a block from both Fruitvale and Mac, and regardless I guess it’s Ms. Rice-Cisneros’ problem whether it works or not.

    1. When Dominica Rice opened Cosecha in Swan’s 8 years ago, that was also considered out of the way. Swan’s was an empty shell but Cosecha had a real domino effect and now the whole place is built out with busy restaurants. MacArthur at Fruitvale is not really that exotic of a locale, there is a lot of foot traffic there and good transportation connections, and it’s close to people in the hills and in Piedmont with money to spend.

      1. I def agree that Mac AT Fruitvale is OK, but unfortunately this is hidden behind, that a block away. I don’t know how many people explore the area on foot and would randomly come across it…hopefully some will circle the block looking for parking, or such. (Then again it may have enough drawing power on its name to just work as a stand alone).

  2. Dominica has done a fantastic job at Swan’s Market in Old Oakland. I trust her judgement. This would be a great addition to the Dimond District.

  3. I can already hear the loud screams of “gentrification”.

    But seriously that is a good spot that is truly on the come line. Borinquen Soul a few blocks away is amazing has really brought the “foodie” vibe to the area.

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