With the wine shop Vino having closed its doors at the end of last year, following a 20 year run at 2425 California Street which sits within the Upper Fillmore Neighborhood Commercial District, on the border of Lower and full-blown Pacific Heights, a request for a formal determination as to whether a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) may be established in the shuttered space was recently submitted to San Francisco’s Zoning Administrator. It is not yet known if the planned dispensary will be selling medical marijuana in the traditional form (with strains like the swiss kiss popular on the market), or if the plan is to feature CBD oils and edibles instead in the locale to help change the perception surrounding the medication. This is something that is already happening in other states with dispensaries in lansing michigan doing their best to promote health and wellness through the use of medical cannabis. In the meantime, people in need of medical cannabis are able to use a CBDistillery Coupon in order to buy discounted goods online that contain marijuana derivatives, such as CBD oils.

From the Administrator’s written response, the fee for which was six hundred and sixty-four dollars:

Per Planning Code Section 718.84, [a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD)] is a principally permitted use on the first story of structures in the Upper Fillmore NCD Zoning District. Planning Code Section 790.141 further requires that a parcel containing a proposed MCD may not be located within 1,000 feet of a parcel containing a public or private elementary or secondary school; or a community facility and/or recreation center that primarily serves persons under 18 years of age.

Planning Department staff has reviewed available data, and conducted a review of properties within 1,000 feet of the property. At this time, the subject property has been found to be in compliance with the proximity requirements of Planning Code Section 790.141 and 718.84.

That being said, the establishment of an MCD at 2425 California would need to survive a required Discretionary Review (DR) hearing as well. And a lease has yet to be inked for this specific site, at least as far as we know, so you may want to keep to your normal source for shatter bars for the time being. In the meantime, we’ll keep you posted and plugged-in on what happens to this location as we learn more and more.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by formerly%whatever

    OMG, but there’s an ice cream shop across the street where children are likely to go! How is mother going to explain to little Emma and Liam what goes on there?

    Agree with the ZA, BTW.

    • Posted by Tony

      Same way mother explains why she’s always going to the wine shop…

  2. Posted by Brisket

    Fully compliant with the planning code, let em roll-em. Where is all the typical outrage on SS about the discretionary review opportunity?

  3. Posted by Fishchum

    Would love to see this happen. Would love it if Apothecarium could move into the spot on Lombard Street in the Marina ASAP as well.

  4. Posted by Ray Lawton

    Isn’t the Golden Gate Guppies preschool right across the street?

    • Posted by Sassy Pant

      That’s what I was thinking too!! Is it more than 1000 feet maybe??

  5. Posted by Pam

    Relax! Let’s start with the facts. Just a few pertinent ones:
    1. School kids are not allowed into medical dispensaries.
    2. Entry is allowed only for patients with a medical cannabis card and is very strictly enforced.
    3. No use of cannabis is permitted in or near the facility.
    4. Having a medical dispensary in the neighborhood is far safer than a bar.

    • Posted by Tony

      5. Safe and responsible access makes teen use go down because now your uncool parents buy it from the store and the black market is going away.

  6. Posted by Conifer

    “2. Entry is allowed only for patients…”

    Only an idiot would believe these are patients. They are customers. A “medical cannabis card” establishes only that some politically motivated physician chose to promote his beliefs.

    We do not need this in Pacific Heights and I hope some neighbor can successfully oppose it.

    • Posted by Greenthumb

      I can show you legitimate medical cannabis patients any day of the week. Some of them are your neighbors! And you haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Planning Department hearing for a new MCD. See you there.

      • Posted by Conifer

        Which medical school did you attend?

        • Posted by lasertag

          Are people really spending time pushing back against cannabis? Really?

      • Posted by spencer

        maybe 1% of the card holders have a legitimate medical problem of which cannabis helps.

        • Posted by Brian M

          Nooooo! The doctor who prescribed via Skype from Las Vegas is totally legit! One prescription per every two minutes. 🙂

          Not all that worried about pot (other than hating the smell and thinking it is a perfect drug to put the poors into passive stupidity-which is why it is being legalized) but do hate the “It cures everything” miracle claims.

  7. Posted by Bella Vulvanova

    Just a few doors down from Mollie Stone’s…

  8. Posted by ElmerJFuddMillionaire

    This idea is an affront to good taste. Completely wrong store for this area. We get enough sketchy people hanging out at the Mollie Stones a few yards away

    • Posted by Brian M

      A yuppie overpriced supermarket selling $49.95 per pound cheese is “sketchy”?

      One might suggest a better approach for you is a gated golf course suburb where you can control your environment totally?

  9. Posted by Willywabbitt

    Really Elmer, that old dude on the corner keeping you up nights

  10. Posted by SF Social-light

    And there is a preschool across the street. Oh my.

  11. Posted by Lori

    Getting a medical card is a joke. My ex went to a doctor, she checked his blood pressure, and asked him why he wanted it. He said he wanted it for anxiety and depression (not an appropriate medical reason as it’s also a depressant). Boom, he walked out with a card. No medical exam, no psychiatric eval, and she gave a habitual addict a prescription. This is why I’m not a fan of the cards.

    • Posted by Brisket

      And how much effort does it take to get a card to buy booze?

      • Posted by Conifer

        No one claims that alcohol is a medicine, for which one needs to be a patient. “Medical marijuana” fraud was a fraud concocted to allow a form of legalization. By its nature, the claim it is a medicine corrupts the profession of medicine.

        • Posted by Brisket

          Jesus, you are obsessed. It will soon be legal anyway so who cares. As for the idea that it “corrupts the profession of medicine”, that is indeed a stretch. Addiction to prescription pain killers is a huge problem in the US. Pot – not so much.

  12. Posted by Conifer

    As soon as it is legal, there will be not the slightest mention of “medical marijuana” as the fraud will no longer be necessary.

    • Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

      It is already legal to possess and grow. The remaining legal step is to define how retail sales should be permitted.

      • Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

        You missed Conifer’s actual point, which I believe was: so-called “medical cannabis” in general and California’s Compassionate Use Act of 1996 in particular was nothing more than a tactic in a decades-long ideological campaign by the NORML crowd and other like-minded travelers to normalize and legalize recreational marijuana use. Proposition 64 came along in 2016 to just acknowledge this fact.

        I seriously doubt there are enough people dying of end-stage cancer (and other similar chronic conditions that were used as the “selling points” of Proposition 215) in San Francisco as a whole, much less in the service area of this proposed dispensary, to generate enough revenue to pay the rent on this property, especially since, as you correctly point out, such people are free to grow their own reasonable amounts at home.

  13. Posted by Daniel

    A preschool does not preclude a dispensary from opening; k – 12 schools cannot be within 1000 feet. This seems to be a good use of the space and needed in the area. What I have read is that once a dispensary opens up the area actually becomes safer overall as they have a security guard outside at all times.

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